[WP]: It is the middle ages. You have befriended the odd town apothecary. He is infinitely wise and is said to commune with the devil to gain his powers. One night you catch him talking through a small piece of glass with strange runes on it. One is a large apple with a missing bite.

I don't really feel like uploading all that I have of this (multiple drafts) but some of it is probably worth keeping so I'll upload a main outline. Note ahead of time that this is not the black death, it's an alternate universe and a different sickness.

Our story begins with a monk, L, being interviewed by three other monk. We quickly show L's cynical perspective, describing the head monk as a broken man who always seems the least interested in his own sermons. The head of the monastery sits before him, brooding, before handing him a letter. L takes it "From the Archbishop?", the head monk corrects him, "From the king, directed two the Archbishop." It seems the king wants them to investigate this man, X, who claims to have cured a sickness that has been infesting their society. The king's daughter is sick, and he is willing to do anything to cure her.

There is some controversy regarding this man, X. Originally a priest, he lived in a remote village, but seems to have abandoned his church, converting it into a laboratory. Some believe he has completely relinquished God, but he was also trained at this monastery, and his teacher is one of the three monks. His teacher believes X would never abandon God, although another monk accuses him of heresy. (They aren't worried he has magic or actually believes he talks to the devil, just that he's teaching his own religion, but they aren't immediately hostile to him.)

The head monk holds up a hand to stop the conversation, saying that's why they're sending L, one of their most talented students and most treasured instruments. L is directed to go to this village, find this man, and if he really has a cure to study it and bring it back. Perhaps he will be tried as a heretic. Or maybe he will become a saint. L is directed to wait for his carriage at some location.

At this point we establish that L has a strange accent, he only recently came to be a monk, from some remote village somewhere. He's also secretly relieved to be going, because he hates this place. He has been waiting for this opportunity for what feels like a lifetime, please, he thinks, let this be the path to leaving this place. He notes all the death and disease as he makes his way to the place he's supposed to wait for the cart. But the cart never comes.

After several days of waiting, a different cart comes, driven by an old man and filled with supplies under a blanket. It stops before him and a woman asks him where he's going, he says he's waiting for someone to escort him to the village. She says they're going that way, he should come with her. It's dangerous to navigate these hills as a stranger, with the snow and the bandits. L, irritated, snaps that this is the reason he has an escort. But the woman just lowers her gaze and says "Nobody else is coming for your stranger." She shrugs and yells and the oxen begin moving, the old man cackling. L hesitates before running after them "Wait!" he says, but they don't stop. "I said wait!", he catches up with them. "Throw your bags!" "Now yourself!" He manages to stumble onboard, the woman catching him. "I told you to wait!", he says defensively. She replies curtly that her father, the driver, is hard of hearing. L looks around and begins to lift the blanket of the cargo but the woman interrupts him, asking him about himself. They have a brief conversation and she says he doesn't seem like a monk, doesn't walk or talk like one, has an odd accent. He says he's from a village to the north. "That's interesting." she says as if everything he previously said wasn't, and asks what it's like. He rolls his eyes and says "It's lovely." sarcastically as he stares off into the scenery.

We describe the scenery a bit as time passes. He notices the woman writing in a notebook, and he's surprised a woman knows how to write. She gives a curt reply, and he says she's a rather impertinent woman. She says only around ungrateful men. He apologizes and thanks her for allowing them to travel with her and asks why she's going to the village. She says for the same reason he is, to serve X. L is shocked. The woman explains her name is D, she's been serving X since she was a little girl, her father insisted on her getting an education from X. The old driver spits on the side of the road. They shake hands a D apologizes for taking so long to reach him, they were searching for supplies. L explains he has brought some of his equipment but she says it's all provided, pointing to the cargo, which L now examines. He mentions it's dangerous for her to travel with an old man like this, and no guards. She says she's not worried, and shows him an inoculation scar, she says it 'marks' her as protected from the sickness. He examines it, commenting that it doesn't seem particularly holy, and asking what form this cure takes. She says he will find out soon enough when they reach the village.

They camp at night by a fire, and have additional conversation. The old man farting rudely and apologizing, beans. When they sleep something wakes up L, he turns to see the woman sleeping with the light from the flames licking her. He gets up, looking at her, wondering if she's the person he's supposed to be looking for. He hears something, and pulls out a dagger, there are whispers coming from the woods, bandits perhaps. He goes out, sees light coming from the trees, approaches carefully, he can almost make out the whispers. But when he gets there, he just sees the old man crouching as he takes a shit, the smell is awful. The light is coming from a lantern. The old man laughs, asking if L is going to kill him and if monks from the east always carry hidden daggers. L sheaths the blade, turning away embarrassed, saying he was worried there were bandits, and that he thought he heard whispering. The man says he was just thinking aloud, he gets his best thinking done when shitting, and smiles between his missing teeth. L retreats, dismissing the old man as mad.

The next day L is relieved to find the snow of the mountains turning back into grass, and he's surprised when they roll into a village that seems very healthy. Although many of the villagers seem to carry the same scar as D. There are many playing children, and a surprising number of cats, everyone is alive here, it's like they rolled into a different world. Everyone seems delighted to see D and her father. "You seem quite popular around here." he notes to D, who brushes it off "In a village this small everybody knows everybody else's business, it's my father's birthday tonight." L realizes he's having a good time, and as he stares at D realizes he doesn't want her to be the one.

They begin unpacking and L helps D's father with some of the heavy things. As the group carries supplies up to the largest house in the village, L notes all the cats, and D says X breeds them. L asks why, D says to kill the mice. L looks back to the cat and notices a bald spot with the same inoculation scar. D says come, his answers lie ahead, and points to the lonely mansion at the top of the hill. D's father reaches the mansion's door and after fumbling with a key kicks it open gleefully, glad to be able to put everything down. L is worried and notes that perhaps they should have knocked first, and begins looking around. He is struck by the sketches around the house, fantastic devices, like something out of Leonardo's notebook. L stiffens, the person he is looking for is definitely here.

He finds a room filled with jar, similar to the jars that were on the wagon. D watches L as he picks one up, his eyes widening. "Oh my God...it's penicillin.", he turns to her. The man has discovered how to make vaccines / antibiotics. D beckons L to the office, X is waiting."

You wouldn't get a scar from penicillin, so maybe it should be a vaccine. If it is penicillin he can call it a universal cure, which the monks at the beginning can note with skepticism, as it sounds like X is claiming to perform miracles at that point.

He follows her to the office, she unlocks it to reveal...nothing. Just a desk filled with stacks of papers. She complains "Oh this place is always so messy..." D's father apologizes off-handled as he waddles in and clears off the desk, before putting his legs on it and leaning back. "So, what can I help you with D?"

D is shocked as it's revealed that her father was X all along. L accuses X of deceiving him, and X says he didn't really, he just wanted to see the real L. He's decided L is a twat, but ultimately has a good heart, and is glad L has come to serve him. X briefly explains how the cure (vaccines) work, and says that a stranger in a bar taught him the method, which seems to subtly annoy L. But X quickly changes the subject, as the villagers are giving him a birthday celebration and they must attend!

The next scene is in his church, which is hardly a church anymore and is more of a community center. There's a fireplace now, and wine and food, smoked meat fills the air. People are giving X gifts, all seem incredibly thankful. L realizes these people really love him, they treat with so much more warmth than the cold respect the monks are shown. People are getting drunk, laughing, dancing, L has been in this terrible world for so long he forgot people can act that way. X makes a speech about spreading the cure to all of the world, but D notices that L is just brooding in a corner with a drink. She comes up to him and notes that he seems to be miserable. L replies that her father will cure the world of the blight, how can he be miserable? She says she doesn't know how, but he is. L says some people believe that the blight shouldn't be cured, that it's God's punishment for them. D says they most worship different gods, her god is not so cruel. But L seems to become more sinister. L says there is only one god, and he is a vengeful God, and that it was people's pursuit of forbidden knowledge that caused their fall from grace. But L quickly backtracks, saying he must be drunker than he thought, and then abruptly asks for her to dance. She says now she knows he's drunk, he adds that he's never danced before, she will have to show him how. She obliges and they share a moment together.

That night, we describe X waking up at night and quietly creeping through the mansion. He passes L's room, and we reveal that L is awake, and smirks as he passes. We next describe a figure breaking into the west (locked) wing of the mansion. They hear whispering and lights coming from a room, and they open it to reveal the old man asking questions to his iPhone (he is literally asking Siri Wikipedia questions). The person who confronts him isn't L, but D, and the old man sits down with her as she holds the phone. She examines it's concave surface, pushes a button and makes it buzz, abruptly dropping it and exclaiming "It's alive!" X replies yes, and it doesn't like to be dropped, she apologizes and can barely even ask what it is, it's so foreign to her. The old man explains it runs on solar power, and that it holds a repository of knowledge, there really was a man in a bar who spoke to him, and this man gave him the device.

However they are interrupted by L, who has been listening outside. He exclaims that whoever gave that device to X is in very, very big trouble, and demands it, pulling out the dagger. X refuses, saying he didn't steal it, he was given it, he's already done so much good, he can do so much more. L approaches, clearly about to kill X, as X begs for mercy and explains that he can do great things. L seems sad as he raises the dagger, "I know old man, and that's exactly the problem..." But before L can bring the dagger down we see his face turn to shock as blood pours out of his nose. D had hit him on the back of the head with a candle stick, he falls down, dead. X is shocked "Oh my God...I think he's dead!"

The final scene shows them trying to decide what to do with the body, both afraid. X says they will explain it was self-defense, and D says no, he wasn't really a monk at all. She searches him and finds a different, more futuristic devices, clicks something and all these holograms appear. They decide they are going to try to go back to where L came from (time travel or a different world), they find a rune that they want to visit, look at each other, then click it.

-> Originally L was supposed to be a nobleman, a baron or something that preferred to spend his money on his villagers rather than himself.