Necros are large semi-bipedal quadrupeds that feed on decaying flesh. Similar in shape to enormous malformed gorillas, with oversized forearms that are covered in thick pitch-black fur and are active at night, frequently fathering at battlefields and stalking those they believe are close to death. Necros consume the dead using a pair of enormous secondary jaws normally completely hidden by their fur. Muscular and fearsome to behold, Necros are actually completely harmless to the living as they do not hunt living prey. There have been numerous cases of individual left in the forests and believed dead, only to return to their villages a few days later escorted by a necro.

This has led some villages to treat them with a ritualized respect. Frequently a Necro will appear for a few days at the edge of a village, and a sickly elderly resident will realize it is their time to die, say goodbye to their loved ones, and accompany the Necro into the forest, never to return. Others, especially from cities or the northern villages, despise Necros as a bad omen, throwing rocks at them.

There is a child character in this story who was the sole survivor when their party was killed in a raid and now lives among the Necros. They typically are shy and active at night. They are quite old, surprisingly intelligent, and social, communicating in body movements and growls too low for humans to hear, which makes them appear silent even when conversing. Some Necros have even been taught to speak English, although they rarely do and typically sound quite frightening when they attempt to. The sound has been described as sand being forced between metal cogs.