During this scene at one point Hobbes frowns asks if the ice cream isn't good, Calvin says that's not the problem, it's the fact that he's having a conversation with a six-foot anthropomorphic tiger that's the problem.

During this scene as Hobbes is rummaging through the fridge Calvin asks how he knew Angela bought ice cream and he replies "She told us last night, don't you pay attention to anything she says?" Calvin replies "I guess not..."

Directly after this scene, but before the scene with Rosalyn and directly before the scene with Calvin going downstairs, looking around at all the boxes and deciding to put stuff away, we show Calvin (still in his underwear since in the suicide scene he hasn't dressed yet and Hobbes is still in his 'pajamas') and Hobbes in front of the bathroom mirror brushing their teeth, complete with a cup for rinsing after. As they finish we show them pulling back their cheeks to inspect their teeth in a somewhat parody of that famous picture.