At some point here, Rosalyn (and we're purposefully making her say something trite that isn't as deep as she thinks it is) says "We live in a world of madness. In an insane world sanity is the least sane choice.", smirking like she just said something profound.

Rosalyn (absentmindedly answering Calvin, crushing the drugs): Christians seek heaven. Buddhists seek nirvana. I prefer to snort my self-actualization half a tablet at a time.

On the bed Calvin tells Rosalyn not to let him fall asleep. She asks why he's so afraid of it. He says he doesn't know, he never remembers, he thinks when he closes his eyes he dreams about wolves. "Wolves?" Rosalyn asks curiously, Calvin nods, "Wolves and my mother." This leads to a conversation where Rosalyn asks about his mom, and Calvin describes what he remembers about her. She says that sounds nice, she wishes she had a mom like that (she's kind of nodding off as she snuggles against him and puts her hand under his shirt, but he's just staring up vacantly at the camera). He says yeah, it does sound nice. But if that's the case, why do I always wake up screaming? (He says the last part as he turns and discovers the stuffed tiger toy is laying on the bed next to him, and the audio transition occurs.)