One of the first scenes in Book IV is a quiet series of cuts showing Serinth surveying her new position. She wanders around the palace, examining the guards who are ready at attention to serve her any whim. She looks out the stairs of the palace, the capital is quiet, her bannermen (banner-animals?) stare up at her silently in formation, waiting her orders.

She goes back inside, into Mosphet's room, Heyoke is there, staring at Mosphet's dead body, the body of his father. He's sniffling, a few tears coming down his cheeks. Despite everything they've been through (especially Serinth), and despite the fact that they both hated their father, they're still wrought by the guilt of patricide.

Serinth goes up to him and puts her forehead on his, comforting him as he cries over his father's death. There's no dialogue throughout this entire scene, it's just a quiet tender moment. Serinth is still too far gone to actually cry, but she wishes she could join her brother in mourning. As the story arc continues we see her being to reclaim some of her lost humanity.

The next scene after this is probably Jagex' stunned reaction as he reads Heyoke the Wolf (which Serinth gave him right before she went up the steps of the palace to kill her father).