This scene occurs early in the fourth book. Serinth comes out about her abilities to the group.

Jagex (skeptical): So basically you're trying to tell us that you're a time-traveler. You can't go forward but whenever you die or you're injured or things don't go exactly as planned, you can just slip back, possibly years in the past, and correct your mistakes?

Serinth: Yes, anywhere but the Deadwood.

Jagex: Great... So what what happens to us when you jump back?

Serinth: I don't know, you just stop existing for me.

Jagex (alarmed): Well, when was the last time you did it?!

Serinth: About ten minutes ago, I was late for this meeting.

And then later in the same scene...

Sulin: Hey Serinth, so about what you said before. I mean I know you can't be killed but have you ever tried... Well, you know...offing yourself?

Serinth (glaring at him): Constantly...

Sulin: It doesn't sound all that bad... I mean, heh, I'm actually kind of jealous, knowing you can beat anyone in a fight, win any bet. You ever try to have fun with it? I mean like fucking with people? It's can do anything you want without having to face the consequences. Come on Serinth, I know you. Don't try to tell me you haven't gotten into some weird shit.

Serinth: Well there was that one time I murdered the entire pack and raped your lifeless corpses...