I like the idea of this being just Muts (it's him, not Frux, who says he hates the wolves) and Wrex has taken him into the library when nobody is around.

Then again we can't do the segue into Wrex showing her that book then...

Anyway, I want to re-introduce the idea that Wrex says the painting was made by a fox, perhaps Lok'Ren, or some name that doesn't suck, and he explains this fox was a famous painter, a pioneer in the modern transgressive movement or something... He says it's not an original, just a reprint / imitation, but he still loves it the most.

Also the explanation that some of the warren only wanted the cubs to learn lapine but Wrex 'silenced them', explaining that there's no good lapine poetry.

Here is where we might add the scene with Wrex saying he had a son you know, surprising Muts. Wrex says his son reminds him of Muts. Muts asks if they look similar and Wrex laughs and says not in the least, but he like Muts he was always asking questions Wrex didn't have good answers for.

He explains his son died in Pylos, before the gate closed, looking uncomfortable as he speaks abruptly.

He can say he doesn't hate the wolves, in fact he respects them, they bought a lot of culture to Wayland, and he had the pleasure of meeting a few in his time, but this bothers Muts (or Frux, depending on who we go with in this scene, we could also split it up).

When Muts says the wolves are monsters Wrex says he's been all across this world and he's never met a monster. Though of course we see in Series A there really are monsters, leading this chapter to be called "Monsters Exist".

Wrex: Do you hate them?

Muts: Of course!

Wrex: Why?

Muts: Because they'll try to eat us!

Wrex (looking gruff and lowering his voice): One day, when you finally study our history, our real history, you'll discover that we've committed unspeakable atrocities against one-another. We've done it over and over again. We're still doing it. The wolves have to eat or else they'll starve. What's our excuse?

Muts (shaking his head): But I don't understand. Why did the wolves attack Pylos, why are they trying to destroy us? What did we do to them?

Wrex: It's not what we did. They were afraid of what they knew we would become.