When Meesh smokes a cigarette Frux and him have a tender moment where Frux admits he never hangs out with her anymore and Meesh says he has other duties now, she never grew up like the rest of them. Frux asks Meesh if he thinks the rabbits will ever return to Wayland, he admits he thinks they came here to die.

When she goes to Oldtown and looks around, she's particularly fascinated by the statue of a rabbit on two legs, more anthropomorphic than her. She turns a corner and eventually finds herself face to face with the Deadwood, she's terrified but finds herself drawn to it, stepping closer, before Meesh grabs her from behind and pulls her back, telling her she's crazy for breaking quarantine.

When she leaves she ends up leaving a trail of blood and causing the Deadwood to begin accelerating faster towards the rest of the warren, Wrex is terrified when he sees it growing right up the cliff, like it knows where they are now.

During the scene with the bird a siren goes off in the distance and Meesh is terrified, saying they have to go now, but Frux still wants to talk to the bird, and leaves only reluctantly, and we have that scene with other animals running past and her getting in just in time, a squirrel tries to get in but gets eaten.

After that we can probably jump to Majordomo in Weston for the first time and when we jump back to Frux she can have dinner with Synx after her Frux debriefs in front of the other officers about what happened, and then Frux becomes more suspicious based on what the bird and Synx told her, and goes on her investigations that lead her to Muts.