We may or may not keep this scene.

We show Wrex is in the cell with Muts, sitting next to him by a table with a map. He's zoning out, thinking about all the stressful things that have been happening lately, when Muts gets his attention, saying he can't figure it out. Wrex snaps to, and Muts points to a position on the map. Wrex educates him about the area and using a claw draws an imaginary line to the nearest gate.

This is a lesson, like many others, here Wrex is quizzing Muts on geography. We can see from these specifics of the area that this is quite advanced, they've probably been doing this for years and now are on to the specifics of cities.

At some point Muts perhaps asks why he has these lessons, he's never leaving, is he? This earnestness can spark the conversation where Wrex admits he had a son (but doesn't name his name was Muts) and that Muts reminds him of his son, although its saddens him that Wrex's son is dead, Muts still smiles at the compliment.

*Muts the smile is cut short as Muts winces at an ache. Wrex asks what it is, perhaps implying a headache, but Muts shakes his head and, somewhat embarrassed, admits that he's hungry.

Wrex seems to stiffen a bit, and internally Muts notes there's always something displeasing in Wrex's expression when he mentions he's hungry, but we make this subtle. This is the reason Muts doesn't like mentioning it, he "eats too much".

Perhaps we're trying to imply that Wrex is mentally deciding who to feed to Wrex.

Wrex (formal, maybe nodding, maybe standing up): Then we shall find you something to eat.