Another early scene with pretty weak dialogue.

Also we need to figure out the direction Frux is facing, since we want to show the cliff behind the warren in when they first get to the surface, but she's in a different position now, still looking at the same horizon however.

This takes place after they're finished maintaining that outer machinery, they are now outside the building, taking a break.

Frux is sitting on top of the building, using the view to try to see what little she can of Oldtown in the valley below. Meesh is leaning against a nearby building and smoking a cigarette.

Meesh: You should be careful, you fall and I'm not going to be the one to look for you.

Frux: You shouldn't smoke, it just makes you colder.

Meesh (exhaling smoke): Is that a matter of fact?

Frux: Does Vox know you're smoking all his cigarettes?

Meesh: They're not his. I bought them with my own stipend.

Frux: Vox says we should save our money.

Meesh: For what?

Frux seems to understand his nihilism and turns back to the horizon wistfully, she describes the sea of trees leading to the horizon.

Frux: Do you think we'll ever go back?

Meesh: Go back?

Frux: To Wayland.

Meesh: You're looking the wrong way. Wayland is to the south. There's nothing that direction but more ice, even trees stop growing eventually.

Maybe he vaguely references the only thing up there is the Deadwood.

They have a rather sad conversation where Meesh admits to Frux that he doesn't think so, he thinks the rabbits came to Styx to die. We then segue into this rather awkward conversation where we try to characterize them some more.

Frux (earnest): I missed you, you know.

Meesh (guilty): I know.

Frux: When I first came to Styx you were the only one who talked to me. Now it seems like I don't even know you. What happened?

Meesh: I grew up.

Frux: I'm older than you are.

Meesh: But you still haven't grown up.

Meesh says she's lucky, she'll outlive all of them. He wonders what the warren will be like when she's old. But Frux says there won't be a warren when she's an old woman.

Perhaps it's actually this scene where it is Frux, not Meesh, who says something like "Admit it, we came here to die." in response to Meesh saying they're waiting to 'regain their strength' before venturing back to Wayland.

To cheer her up, Meesh says something that make Frux laugh, but she ends up accidentally falling backwards and tumbling down the side of the cliff into Oldtown.

We should probably have her mention the statue of the rabbit, walking on two legs, but Meesh (or she) says that they all used to be that way, as they're going back she veers off again to the bird.

She sees a bunch of stuff before running into the Deadwood, about to go in before Meesh stops her, then she ends up wandering (with him) into the building with the broken roof and discovering the bird (maybe).