This scene takes place directly after Synx 'punishes' Frux by giving her the labor she wanted.

This dialogue is pretty bad and needs to be reworked.

Meesh (complaining, nearly moaning): Oh for God's sake, Frux, why?!

Frux: Don't be such a baby, it will be fun!

Meesh: It's freezing on the surface, there's nothing out there!

Frux (nodding at the clock): We're late enough as it, come on.

Meesh (huffing as he walks past): This is your fault!

They end up going to Ruks and he greets them, saying he hopes he not under investigation (referring to Meesh) or making some other joke as Meesh's expense. Meesh is clearly not into it and explains he has been reassigned to do labor on the surface.

Ruks curiously notes that Frux is a little too young to be going on the surface, leading to Frux arguing about not being as young as she looks. Meesh is trying to go along with Ruks to council the outing but Frux explains Synx is the one who had her reassigned. Rusk asks Meesh if that's true.

Meesh (conceding): So she says...

Rusk (not really caring much to begin with): Go grab a coat from the track, although I can't guarantee it will fit you. If the siren's sound, don't try to save it, drop it and run back as fast as you can. Pray you arrive before we seal the entrance.

Frux: I know all the escape routes by heart.

Meesh helps Frux into her outfit. Ruks grabs a rope with his teeth and paws and pulls it down. A bunch of snow falls into the puddle that's already on the floor and the gush of cold air makes Frux shiver, even the blazing aether furnaces can't keep the temperature up. She can hear gears click in place (like going up a roller coaster) as the surface door slowly opens. The wind from the surface makes it hard to hear Ruks' instructions and Frux lingers, intimidated by the outside.

Ruks (handing them both patches, speaking loudly over the winter wind): You're cleared for two hours on the surface. Wear these at all times unless you want the Oslaw to tear your ears off.

Meesh (grabbing the patch and fastening it quickly, going up ahead and turning back): Well then? This was your idea, prole girl.

Frux continues to linger, staring up at the box of white at the top of the stairs, she jumps a bit as Ruks puts a paw on her shoulder. When she looks up at him she sees he has a reassuring expression.

Ruks: Go on little one, you'll be just fine.

Frux nods and pulls her cloak tighter as she walks up to the light.

Frux crawls up and is momentarily blinded by the brightness. As she squints and looks around her vision adjust and she begins describing the surface to the reader, including outer parts of the warren such as the library, watchtower, and council chamber dome, and the clearing around the warren and the forest beyond that. She jumps again as the trap door slams shut (with a spring) behind her (it has enough force to decapitate someone), but Meesh doesn't seem to notice and is already rummaging through the snow.

But Frux goes the other way, to Meesh's chagrin. She goes to the cliff on the other side of the warren and stares over it, there are some smaller trees below, but the lower canyon seems to go on forever. Meesh follows reluctantly.

Meesh and him have a conversation, where Frux mentions that as a kid she was told that on a clear day you can see Wayland just over the horizon. Meesh scoffs and says she's facing the wrong way, Wayland is to the south. They start off to their labor site.

On the way there Frux starts going down the wrong path but Meesh stops her, explaining that way leads to Oldtown, they don't go to Oldtown anymore.