This takes place some time after the silflay address that Synx makes.

Some of this dialogue could use some serious work.

I still like the idea that maybe they're originally speaking in Lapine and Narse (or Wrex) is annoyed and asks if they can switch to English, saying they come here to relax (as if trying to decipher the rabbit language prevents that).

Wrex is walking through the halls of Styx, several times he passes other rabbits who greets him as 'Commander'. He gives nods and the occasional compliment as he briskly makes his way to a particular elevator, looking both ways for any witnesses before taking it down.

He remains watchful as the elevator reaches as secluded floor and he goes up to a door and scratches at it. There is no reply.

Wrex (whisper): Narse?

Wrex scratches again and knocks, putting an ear to the door and tapping on it with his claws.

Wrex (louder whisper): Narse?

Wrex pulls back and unhooks the latch of the door. It swings up and he steps in but is immediately blinded by light, holding a paw up to his face while he hobbles about on three legs.

Wrex (grimacing, arm covering eyes): ...Hello?

Narse (off-camera, voice booming): The point of a scratch at the door is to wait for a response as to not interrupt someone who wishes to remain undisturbed!

Wrex lowers his paw and between squinting begins to make out the contents of the room. It is an in-door green house lined with rows of soil beds, a table of drawers with desks and several bean-bag rabbit chairs to sit in while using them. The booming voice is coming from a rabbit at the other end of the room who is working with one of the soil beds, tending to the plants. The entire green house is growing cannabis. The aether in the room is burning intensely in the furnace. Bright particles, like specks of embers, fall from the ceiling, surrounded by glowing mist. Clearly the bright lights are intended to mimic the sun.

Wrex can barely see the outline of the other rabbit as he meanders to the edge of the room, half-squinting and using a paw to grope along the wall.

Wrex (stumbling along the wall): Minority speaker Narse! What a pleasant coincidence running into you so...early in the morning.

Narse (voice booming): Indeed.

Wrex finally paws at the aether furnace and turns a valve, sighing with relief as the air in the room begins to dim.

Wrex: I was wondering if you might have a few moments to spare for a friendly chat, perhaps over some fresh tea.

Narse (turning from the flower-beds and lifting tinted goggle off his head, slight smile): Perhaps...

The pair are both sitting at the desk/counter, Narse is opening some of the drawers and pulling out some supplies, a kettle boils water on a small aether stove, like a Bunsen burner. Narse is grinding up the tea.

Man this dialogue is weak...

Narse (absentmindedly): Did I ever tell you I almost lost this place?

Wrex (casually leaning back and using a finger to open the drawer next to him): Only every time I come down here...

Narse (gesturing to the plants): The council wanted to requisition the entire cell block, nearly passed a resolution against me. It took months to convince them the plants were a medical necessity, as if we had any other avenue for pain relief.

Wrex (filling a pipe he took from the drawer): Well it's hardly opium but I suppose it gets the job done.

Narse (smile): Indeed.

Narse (cont'd, turning back): I took some fresh specimens the other day--

Narse turns back to see Wrex has already filled and lit the pipe, he takes a long drag and leans back, stretching his legs as he exhales.

Narse (sarcastic): By all means, make yourself at home...

Wrex closes his eyes for a moment to really feel the drugs, when he opens them he's squinting and seems to be reminded of how bright it is.

Wrex (squinting, grumpy): Do you always have to keep it so bloody bright in here?

Narse: It's good for the plants.

Wrex: It's bad for your eyes.

Narse (pointing to his head): I have goggles.

Wrex: You'll have skin cancer soon enough.

Narse (flat, no hint of amusement): That's funny.

Wrex: It's a waste of aether.

Narse (chuckling as he begins to pour the tea): Aether's just about the only thing we have in abundance here in Antioch. Were we in Wayland we'd be rich. The reserves here will last a thousand years. I wish I could say the same about ourselves...

Wrex (noticing Narse is daydreaming and is nearly going to overfill his bowl, alarmed): That's enough!

Narse pulls back the tea just in time, to Wrex's relief.

Wrex (absentmindedly pawing at the bowl, watching it swirl): You're mistaken. The reason Zarkhan hasn't drained us dry is because they can't. They've been trying to figure out for years, trust me. The well's too deep, too volatile, even then, how would you transport it? Our location makes it infeasible.

Narse (sardonic): That's never stopped them from exploiting our other natural resources.

Wrex flashes a look at Narse as he takes another long drag, he seems troubled by it as he exhales and inhales, doing his little smoke trick. When he finally blows all the smoke out his tone seems to be more serious.

Wrex (pipe still in paw): So what news of the council?

Narse (cynical): Should you really be smoking that now? While you're on-duty I mean?

Wrex (smirk): I am never 'off-duty', Narse. You should know that by now. These little clandestine get-togethers of ours are my only vacation from the trials and tribulations of protecting our great warren. It's become my bi-weekly ritual.

Narse (dryly, after watching Wrex take another massive rip): And has getting completely blazed become a part of that ritual?

Wrex (choking back smoke): It adds to the appeal...

Narse (leaning in, frowning): And how do you think the majority would feel if they discovered I have been leaking the meeting minutes to our illustrious 33rd battalion? The commander of whom, as it turns out, is a drug-addled spaz who can't seem to wait until after I finished briefing him to get stoned?

Wrex (caught off-guard, blowing out the smoke, seeming to consider for a moment afterwards): I think they'd wonder why you haven't found better friends.

Narse (dryly): Or maybe they'd just have me executed.

Wrex (sly grin): That's my job.

Narse can't help smiling himself, but the smile is short-lived.

Narse (concern in his voice): There's been trouble in the council.

Wrex (smirking, lighting the pipe again, sarcastic): Good to know this season has opened up with a change in pace...

Narse: You were a topic of discussion.

Wrex (pausing, not taking the hit, lowering the pipe again): Go on.

Narse: It seems you ran into some trouble in Lethe.

Wrex: Nothing we couldn't handle.

Narse: Are you sure about that? I heard you nearly started a riot. I suppose that means the residents of Lethe didn't react well to their rations being reduced?

Wrex: Would you be happy if someone took away half your meals?

Narse: No, I suppose not. But it /was/ a necessity. And their happiness is not what concerns us. There's been talking of rising discontent in Phlegethon and Cocytus as well.

Wrex (annoyed, dismissive): We live in a fucking hole in the ground, nobody's content.

Wrex tries to take another hit but discovers to his dismay that the pipe is cached. He growls and puts the pipe down, rudely tapping the ashes out on the table as he grabs some more of the weed from the grinder.

Wrex (absentmindedly): Who brought up these 'charges'?

Narse: I could you three guesses but you'd only need one.

Wrex grumbles to himself, but as he fills the pipe he takes a double-take at Narse, who seems quite solemn.

Wrex (confused, concerned): What?

Narse: It appears the Deadwood has been growing faster than expected.

Wrex: How fast?

Narse: At its current rate? A year, maybe less, until it consumes the quarantine zone.

Wrex is staring at Narse, lost in thought, he's stopped loading the weed and absentmindedly gone back to tapping the pipe on the table. He's tapping out all the greens until Wrex notices Narse glancing at it and corrects himself. He loads the greens as he continues to talk like he's completely calm, but there are cracks in his facade.

Wrex (ostensibly calm): Well...we knew this day would come eventually. There's still plenty of time to prepare. Perhaps now the council will reconsider our proposal...

Narse is silent as he watches Wrex take another hit.

Narse: It seems the foxes don't share your patience. Our contact tells us they've already started evacuating. They'll be gone by winter's end.

Wrex's expression goes blank/grave. He exhales and places the pipe on the table. Silent for a moment.

Wrex: Well that makes sense, foxes are clever.

He glances back at Narse, doing a pretty good job at hiding his nervousness. Narse meets his stare for a moment.

Narse: That's it?

Wrex (shrugging, somewhat annoyed): What did you expect me to say?

Narse (dumbfounded): I don't know... It's not every day you hear that you and everybody you know are going to starve.

Wrex (dismissive, annoyed, sounding like he's trying to reassure himself as well): We're not going to starve.

Wrex (cont'd, beat): We just need to begin taking steps. What does the majority have to say about it?

Narse: I think Synx welcomes it. She says it's time we stop relying on other species for our survival.

Wrex: And does the majority speaker have a plan for feeding thousands of hungry rabbits?

We should come up with an actual figure here eventually.

Narse: She says she's working on a proposal.

Wrex (bitter): I feel safer already...

Narse (curious): Have I been detecting some mutual animosity between you two as of late?

Wrex (bad job at hiding his bitterness): Whatever makes you say that?

Narse: When she addressed you earlier today you looked like a cub caught stealing sweets.

Wrex (scoffing): When she calls me out like that it reminds me of my mother... And did you hear the topic of her speech today?

Narse: "Cooperation."

Wrex (sneering, like the word is filth): "Cooperation!"

Wrex (cont'd, venom in his voice): That's rich coming from a politician who threatens to filibuster every time she doesn't get her way.

Narse (musing): The small council's become a two-thirds institution...

Wrex: She should take a lesson from me if she wants to be cooperative. I'm the most cooperative fucking rabbit in this warren.

Narse (eyeing him, deciding to take a chance): I once heard you were quite fond of the majority speaker.

Wrex (glaring daggers back at him, flat): Oh you heard that, did you?

Narse (casual, not relenting): Indeed. And that she once returned your affections.

Wrex (brushing it off): That was a lifetime ago...

As if to change the subject, Wrex grabs the pipe and lighter, Narse continues watching intently.

Narse: So what went wrong?

Wrex (flippant, interrupting himself before he takes another hit): What went wrong is Synx has the charisma of a lobster. It's no wonder she got into politics...

Narse (frowning, hesitant): Lobsters are...water creatures, right?

Wrex (scoffing): What, are you serious?

Narse is clearly embarrassed and Wrex regrets his tone.

Wrex: Sorry. Sometimes I forget you never left Pylos. Yes, lobsters are aquatic, they live in oceans.

Narse (still confused, hesitant): Do lobsters...have politicians?

Wrex (a bewildered expression as he takes another hit, exhaling thoughtfully): I...guess so? I mean they would have to, right? Government is a prerequisite for civil societies.

Narse: I'm not so sure. Have you ever seen any lobster art? Read any lobster poetry?

Wrex (whimsically): Huh, I suppose not...

Wrex tries to take another toke but realizes the pipe is cached and once again ashes it on the counter, rummaging through the drawer for fresh clippings. Narse watches him with a flat expression, his eyes moving between Wrex and the piles of ash and weed across his counter.

Narse (not amused): Are you going to share that?

Wrex: Wait your turn.

This last line is supposed to be humorous regarding Wrex being a hypocrite after complaining about Synx and generosity, but I'm not sure if I can make it work. A lot of the dialogue here is weak.