This scene takes place directly after the guard leers at Muts while he eats.

"Do I eat too much?" he asked the Warden after.

"Yes. Far too much."

"But I'm hungry!"

"So am I." the Warden said. "We all are. The Rot's made us this way. Some more than others."

"But you're not rotted!" Muts added hopefully.

The Warden merely smiled. But the warmth of the smile did not extend to his eyes.

"Can't we just grow enough food for everyone?"

"The warren grows as much food as it always has. But there are more of us now. That's why we must ration as best we can, eat as much as we need to survive." The Warden leaned down, petting Muts through the cell bars. "There's no shame in hunger Muts, it will help you dream."

Muts wanted to dream for the Warden.

Maybe we just end the flashback here and continue with him walking through the halls, finding the source of the scent. We can skip the original bit about knowing the Warden loves him, it can be something he tells Frux.