This scene is currently incomplete because it exists in several documents, the rest will be filled in when I get to them.

Rows of rabbits are lined up in a large room, cubs in front, their parents (the guards) in back. Many of the younger rabbits are yawning sleepily. Before the rabbits are piles of vegetables and other vegetation, rations, although much if it is compact and doesn't look particularly appetizing. Behind the rations are a few other rabbits, Synx is there, waiting with a few other impatiently for Wrex to arrive.

Some of the sleepy rabbits are rudely awakened as Frux bumps between them, frequently apologizing as she makes her way to Meesh. Meesh just squints as he hears her approach, like all the others he's staring ahead obediently. Frux pushes a few more of the other cubs out of the way until she takes her place next to Meesh, sitting on her haunches and clenching her first to her breast, although she has trouble closing her paw into a fist properly.

Meesh (staring ahead, low bored growl): You're late.

Frux (also staring ahead): I was busy.

Meesh: We haven't had breakfast yet and half the warren is still asleep, what could you possibly be busy with?

Frux (dismissively): I'll tell you after silflay.

Meesh (annoyed): We aren't allowed to silflay until everybody is present.

Frux (making a smile to one of the guards who glances her way, growling between her teeth): That's never stopped you before...

Later in this scene we see how bored Meesh is with the speech, although Frux defends it. Meesh begins quoting along with what he knows Synx is going to say next, stating that you would think her speech writers would come up with some new material. Later when Wrex and Synx have their dinner conversation, Wrex compliments her on her 'stirring speech' but she dryly replies that she needs to come up with some new material.

Synx's speech is about cooperation.

She mentions that before the rabbits from Pylos arrived the warren was on the verge of collapse, the rabbits of Styx provided order, education, opportunity, etc. It's (mostly) bullshit.