This is the first scene in 'The Festival' and the beginning of the end for the rabbits of Styx.

Muts follows Vox and Frux to the surface, and he's immediately blinded by the light of the sun. He's freezing, and as his eyes slowly focus he begins to look around. The cub-rabbits of Styx, all of the Damned, and even the civilian government are all on the surface waiting. He can hear murmurs from some of the solders, and the rabbit cubs of Styx are looking at him in fear, asking the adults what that thing is.

Muts (to Frux): They're all staring at me...

Frux (looking the opposite way): No, not at you...

Muts turns to discover that the Deadwood has started to penetrate the clearing that surrounds the warren. The blacks trees are seeping in through the treeline, with only a fraction of the normal trees still visible. It's still far away, but the fact that he can see at all is terrifying, he stares into its depths, wondering what it really is.

Away from the group, Wrex and Synx sit watching.

Wrex (whispering to her): It's too close now, they won't come.

Synx (glaring at him): This changes nothing.

Synx walks forward to address the group, and Wrex reluctantly follows suite, running ahead to greet Muts and Frux and Vox. As Wrex approaches Frux sniffs the air and turns to Muts.

Frux (whispering): Something's wrong.

Muts (whispering): What?

Frux (whispering): That scent. Can't you smell it?

Frux (cont'd, nodding her eyes at Wrex): He smells like that fox again.

There's more to this, including Wrex's lukewarm greeting by Muts, Synx ordering the warren lifted, opening then gates, and then addressing the proles.

Perhaps we should save Frux's warning to when they're following both Synx and Wrex, since it's more likely Synx smells like the foxes, but Frux can't tell who and simply says "they".