This scene takes place after the group has set off to gather berries for the festival.

The group of cubs has stopped, although Frux and Vox and Synx and Muts are further away from them, many of them are still eyeing Muts warily, which makes him feel ashamed. Frux and Muts stare at each other, unsure of what to do. Copying the other cubs, Frux pulls the basket from around her neck and cautiously begins picking berries. Muts copies her and does the same, although he really doesn't know what he's doing. Curiously he puts one of the berries in his mouth before spitting it out in disgust.

His ears perk and he turns to find Wrex looming over him.

Wrex (ordering): Come with me.

Wrex walks away but Muts lingers.

Muts (meekly): I...I think I'd rather stay here.

Wrex (pausing for a moment, turning back): It wasn't a question.

Wrex keeps walking and Muts and Frux exchange a horrified glance before Muts follows him. Frux starts to go off after them, but she feels a paw on her shoulder and when she looks up Vox is shaking his head. All the while Synx watches silently as they disappear into the treeline (the normal treeline, the Deadwood is back at the warren.)

They walk silently, Muts staring at the ground as Wrex takes him deeper into the forest, suddenly he jolts up as Wrex speaks.

Wrex (not turning back, solemnly): I know you saw me last night Muts. You and Frux both, I could smell you. I guess I should have figured as much, you two were always so curiously. But sometimes curiosity can get the better of us.

Muts (horrified): Why did you do it?

Wrex: Because they were weak and we need to be strong.

Muts cringes at the cold response, he is trembling now.

Muts (scared): I...I won't tell anyone I swear...

Wrex (still walking ahead, not turning back, voice low and calm): I know that. Although what I know doesn't seem to count for much anymore.

Wrex (deep exhale): It doesn't matter. Look, we're here.

The pair stop before a gate, similar to the one the audience saw Heyoke exit in Deer Park. This gate has a different sigil on its metal surface, it is clearly derelict, grown over with the forest.

Wrex (sitting on his haunches, reminiscing, still not turning back): This is what I wanted to show you, it seems like a lifetime ago since I've been here. This is where it all began, where we fled when the wolves attacked Pylos. Through this very door.

Wrex (pausing, shaking his head): I know you won't forgive me for what comes next. But I hope at least you might be able to understand.

Muts (sniffing, terrified, voice cracking): Can't we just go back?

Of course Muts doesn't mean the gate, he means go back to his life with Wrex before he knew all these horrible things, even if he was just a prisoner.

Wrex (focused on the gate): No. This door is sealed forever. But I hope another might open for us soon.

Muts (visibly crying): Are you going to kill me now?

Wrex is puzzled as he turns around, his heart dropping as he sees Muts crying, he kneels down to comfort him.

Wrex (comforting): No! No of course not! I would never hurt you Muts, I love you.

This is the first time we actually hear Wrex say those words.

Muts (still sniffing and crying): But I'm weak, I'm deformed like the others--

Wrex (interrupting, serious): No, you're not like the others. You're not like the proles, Muts!

Muts stares up with watery eyes, but Wrex hesitates, realizing he said too much. He licks his lips as he tries to explain.

Wrex: You're strong, stronger than all of us Muts. I don't care what the others think anymore, you're staying with us. I have it all worked'll live in Styx and we won't be separated again. You'll help us, Muts. You'll help keep us strong!

But Muts doesn't understand what Wrex is talking about (basically keeping Muts around to eat any remaining rabbits that are born too feral). Wrex seems to linger, like he's holding back something else, but he has to force himself to continue.

Wrex (uncomfortable): But Muts, if we want to stay strong...certain sacrifices have to be made...

We don't see what Wrex says next (as he explains the proles are about to be killed) but we do see Muts' reaction to it, his eyes widening.