This takes place after Frux and Muts escape from Acheron after nearly being caught, discovering that most of the other districts are in fact empty and Acheron has been converted into a killing-room floor, with Muts exclaiming that the whole warren is in fact "A farm! A farm for the foxes!"

During this scene it should be Muts pacing about (which Heyoke does) and Frux has to tell him to stop pacing, he quickly apologizes.

Really, the scene with Wrex showing Frux the book with the wolf should be Synx showing her after Frux freed Synx. Synx can congratulate Frux and Frux can ask about Muts being still held prisoner and sort of argue about it, upset that he still isn't free, then Synx can show her the book and force her to look at it, giving it to her.

Frux and Muts are pacing about, neither of them able to sleep, she tells Muts that they're only escape is to go through the Deadwood, they have no other choice, and she begins listing out her plans, the supplies they need to get, when best to escape, meanwhile Muts seems to be in a daze.

Muts reconfirms that if the proles are being eaten, especially the diseased ones, he (and possibly Frux) are next, although Frux knows better at this point than to believe Muts is like her.

We see them sneak out again and begin to gather supplies for the journey, with Frux (having seen a map) having a destination in mind. But they are interrupted by Vox who discovers them.

Vox: Oh good, you're already awake and ready (for the festival).

They're frozen terrified, they both know Vox is bullshitting them.

Vox (cont'd): But there's really no point in packing breakfast, we have silflay ready on the surface.

Vox nods to the stairs, staring daggers at Frux, and she lowers her head, looking quickly back at Muts before creeping up the stairs. But Vox continues looking at Muts.

Vox (irritated): What are you waiting for? I already said there was silflay on the surface!

Muts (terrified, confused): I...I don't silflay with the others sir...

Vox (menacingly): You do today, Muts.

The next scene is the beginning of "The Festival".