Sabriel has died, and so has most of the rest of the pack. The only ones present in this scene are Heyoke, Serinth, and Jagex (who is broken after his sister's death).

Serinth has left her book "Heyoke the Wolf" in the room across the rip and taken the stuffed tiger toy out, explaining to Jagex that this is "an exchange of gifts from one world to another" and she is leaving behind "our story, with a little something extra." The portal has closed and Jagex asks how they're going to get out of the Deadwood, but Serinth and Heyoke just stare back in silence.

Jagex (sniffing and smiling despite himself): There is no way out, is there?

Serinth: No. There isn't.

Jagex: We were never going to Tairon, were we?

Serinth: Not here. In another life, I hope.

There's more dialogue but as we see they all end up getting killed, even Heyoke. Serinth is the last to die, she calmly closes her eyes before the killing blow.

Serinth opens her eyes and she's back in her library, one of her notebooks and a pen in her paws. She scribbles down the last entry and closes the notebook, walking out of the library. As we see, she's reverted to back before the group left for the Deadwood, everyone is still alive, including Shuik and Pyren.

When Serinth finds Heyoke, she pauses briefly to say something before she continues walking.

Serinth (matter-of-factly): It's done.

We next have a scene with where Serinth is on her balcony staring out at the countryside, Jagex comes up to her, and we have a scene that mirrors (with a few noticeable changes) the scene from his flashback where she first tells him they are going to Deer Park.

Jagex: It's odd not seeing you working on your memoirs, finally get bored of all that writing?

Serinth: I finished.

Serinth (cont'd): Get the others packed and ready, we're leaving in the morning.

Jagex: Where are we going?

Serinth: Tairon.

So now she's finally going where she promised she was taking them.