Outside the citadel, the remaining members of Tairon's government are sitting at a table, Jagex is watching from the sidelines. There are rows of politicians from different species, representatives of the legislature, the mood is somber as they watch Mosphet and his entourage approach.

One of Mosphet's lackey's announces his presence as the Furher of the Republic of Wayland (or whatever title we give him), as if anyone wasn't aware. And Jagex describes him to the audience.

After he is announced everyone bows to him, including the generals and politicians, but Jagex doesn't. Mosphet stares at him and Caretaker shoots a glance at the person behind him, this person (who is on Tairon's side) puts their paw on Jagex's head, forcing the cub to bow. But he only does unwillingly, his claws digging into the table and leaving long marks.

Mosphet is amused by this and recognizes who Jagex is, making an affable comment about it being a testament to the bravery of Tairon, unyielding to the end. He says he knows Jagex lost his father, who was a great general, and that he died nobly. There is no great dishonor is losing an unjust cause.

He uses this segue to give a speech about how he knows Jagex would kill him, and he knows others would do the same. But now is not the time to fight but to live, and he also adds there was nothing noble about the war, it was a calamity he wished could be avoided.

But Jagex sniggers and makes a rude comment about the unjust ways Mosphet won the war, making everyone deeply uncomfortable. But to their surprise Mosphet comes over and lowers himself to make eye contact with the cub. He says something foreboding about how Jagex will appreciate his wicked ways when this country is the only thing that protects them from the Deadwood (although he doesn't mention it by name).

We want to continue to imply throughout what little we see of Mosphet that he's doing all this out of necessity rather than greed, even if he is a sociopath, he's not stupid. Unfortunately he goes senile before he can put his plan into action, there should probably be some hint of that here.

Mosphet finishes his speech and nods and Jagex is released and Mosphet continues to stare at him before moving to sign the document codifying Tairon's surrender. The others are also signing, but one glances over to see Jagex silently weeping, this is the guy who trains Jagex in the upcoming scenes, he was good friends with Jagex's father.

This guy probably wanted to train Jagex before, but Jagex's father didn't want him to be a military man like him, he thinks (despite his job) that war is savage and we see the two talk about it in the War Arc.

Unlike Weston, Jagex probably has a rather large extended family, we need to come up with their bloodline name and Mosphet's too.