This takes place after the flashback ends when they are still in the cave, Jagex realizes Serinth is still carrying the book "Heyoke the Wolf" with her, and when he tries to grab it she stops him, he realizes she's awake and they talk.

At one point they talk about sleep and dreams, Serinth says she used to never sleep, even less than a higher born wolf should, she would close her eyes and have nightmares about the war, she guesses she still does. For a while it seems like her whole life was reduced to avoiding these nightmares, when she finally succumbed to sleep she would wake up in a cold sweat or screaming.

Jagex implies that the nightmares were about all her allies who died, she corrects him, they were usually about all the people she killed.

Throughout the conversation she keeps saying 'used to', as in she used to be afraid of going to sleep, near the end Jagex says "Not anymore?"

And she says no, not anymore. Jagex asks what changed. She shrugs and says because now when she opens her eyes the nightmares don't end.

The dialogue is a little awkward but I can make it work, this is the final scene of Jagex's flashback arc, after she tells him to get some sleep we next see them out of the cave.

In this cave bit we put the part about her being able to remember the war clearly if she let herself, and she looks back on those memories with a detached horror.

In the scene with the photograph with Jagex injured they also find something else she has, a drawing she made of a wolf cub. Jagex asks if its her, Sabriel says no, the fur coloring is different, looks like her though. (Samsara, her daughter)

Jagex can look down at his paws noticing the dried blood (perhaps when Serinth is injured). He notices dried blood under his claws and tries to connect it to what happened before Sabriel interrupts him, talking about Serinth.

In this scene Serinth mentions she can feel the Rot in her bones, eating away at her like cancer. It's in all of them.