The trio is in a cave, although it's hardly even really a cave and mostly just an alcove. Sabriel has a fire going where she's cooking some meat from Pyren's bag, although she wishes she had Heyoke to make lighting it easier, the wood is wet with snow. It's full of holes and Jagex wonders if whoever owned it is still alive.

Jagex looks over Serinth, amazed to see her so helpless, but also not really recognizing her. There is steam coming out of her wounds, her mouth and nose, it's so hot that Sabriel couldn't even put on bandages without burning her paw, so hot that it's heating up the cave. Her breathing is labored but she's still alive.

Here or somewhere else we have that bit about her pulling out the picture of Serinth as a cub with Heyoke in Zarkhan and maybe the drawing of Samsara.

I was also thinking maybe they don't even start a fire but they have a little portable stove that generates some light.

Sabriel gives Jagex some soup, telling him not to drink it too quickly because she doesn't want him to faint. He thanks her and she's somewhat surprised by says he's welcome. She notices him staring at Serinth.

Sabriel: It's unreal isn't it? Sometimes I forget she can bleed like the rest of us.

Jagex (absentmindedly): She's not immortal here...

Sabriel: What?

Jagex: In the Deadwood. She's not immortal in the Deadwood.

Sabriel looks at him with concern. She tells him that's a pretty serious injury, most wolves would have died. But their is fire in their blood, he will survive, but that doesn't mean he will be the same. She says the brain isn't like the other organs, it may grow back but that doesn't mean the memories will be the same. She mentions another highborn wolf who received a serious brain injury and had a completely different personality afterwards. She asks if he understand what she's saying. But Jagex just shakes his head vacantly.

Sabriel (more gently): Jagex. Do you remember how you got here? Why you serve Serinth?

Jagex (questioning): Serinth?

Jagex (cont'd, turning to the unconscious wolf): I serve Serinth...?

Sabriel: Do you remember who I am?

Jagex: Sabriel...

Jagex (cont'd, sudden jolt): You're my sister. I'm here to rescue you!

Sabriel (somewhat amused): You're in no position to rescue anyone big brother.

Jagex (suddenly desperate): Listen to me... I don't know if you truly understand but that thing...

Jagex (cont'd, staring at Serinth): It's no wolf...

Jagex (cont'd, turning back to Sabriel, crazily manic): But we can kill it! Here! This may be our only chance, do you understand what I'm saying? We'll leave hear and go home!

Sabriel (softly): But we are going home Jagex, we're going to Tairon. Remember?

Jagex (confused, looking around): Tairon? No...No...this isn't Tairon.

Sabriel: You should get some rest, it will be easier to remember when you wake up.

Jagex (undeterred): I remember. I remember everything.

Maybe the dialogue is really shit at the end.