Jagex wakes with a start but knows better than to move or make noise, he just opens his eyes and looks around. When he realizes he's alone he gets up but then immediately hits his head on the wall behind him, rubbing it and looking around the room. He describes the room (and eventually the rest of the house, which is an odd mix of luxury and decay), there are books piled up everywhere. He's naked, his armor and sword have been cleaned and neatly stacked along with a clean shirt in the corner of the room. He sniffs around and realizes he's been bathed, but can't believe he wouldn't wake for that. He tries to move but starts wobbling, still groggy, it feels like he's been sleeping for years.

He throws on the 'shirt' and wanders into the hallway, there's some music coming out of it. He eyes the paintings on the walls and describes more of the house as he wanders closer to it, there's an old stereo that's playing something from Rosewater.

Jagex hears someone humming with the music and turns to enter the kitchen. Kae'Kil is there, making some food. Jagex has been silent this whole time and watches from the corner.

Kae'Kil (affably as he's going through some pans): You've waken at an opportune time, I was just making breakfast!

The fox smiles at him.

Jagex (slipping into the open, serious and confused): Where am I?

Kae'Kil (waving a paw): One of the finest residence in Weston's lineage, the familiar home of the Duchess of Tairon.

Jagex: I'm in Serinth's house?

Kae'Kil: Indeed. She calls it 'Samsara'.

Kae'Kil (gesturing to the table): By all means, take a seat. You're not in any danger, I assure you. Oh! How do you like your eggs?

Jagex (still kind of stoned and completely confused): ...scrambled.

Jagex takes a seat at the table and watches the fox move about the pantry. He stands on two legs as he puts a pan on the stove.

Kae'Kil (making conversation as he cooks): You're quite the deep sleeper. I hope the music didn't wake you.

Jagex (a little defensive): I was recovering from my injuries.

Kae'Kil (pointing to his jugular): I know. One injury in particular I think.

Jagex sweeps a paw across his throat and finds a small bump.

Jagex (incredulous): You drugged me?!

Kae'Kil (calm): Just a little sedative to help you relax. You were violating the rules of the tournament.

Jagex: I didn't come here for a fair fight!

Kae'Kil (rolling his eyes): You were holding up the line.

Kae'Kil puts the eggs on a plate and carries it, with some other plates of food, already pre-made, nimbly to the table, walking on two legs. Jagex watches dumbly as the fox sets the table.

Jagex: ...how are you doing that?

Kae'Kil: It took a few years of training but not as much as you'd think. Besides, I always find it easier to complete my duties with two paws free...

Kae'Kil (cont'd, inspecting the table with pride): There! Now isn't that nice?

Jagex: So what...you're Serinth's maid?

Kae'Kil: On occasion... Cooking...cleaning.

Kae'Kil (cont'd, toothy grin): I also give great head.

Jagex (confused): What?

Kae'Kil frowns and then gets up and moves to the other side of the table, so he faces Jagex's good ear.

Kae'Kil: I said I also make up her bed.

The fox sits with his legs crossed and grabs a napkin, putting it on his lap. Jagex grabs his napkin to do the same before realizing he's sitting on his haunches and doesn't know how to cross his legs. He sheepishly puts the napkin back on the table.

The fox begins to nimbly spread some butter on toast and takes a bit with one paw, he notices Jagex staring at him and picks up a plate of toast with the other.

Kae'Kil (offering): Toast?

Jagex (staring back dumbly): No. I'm an obligate carnivore and so are you.

Kae'Kil (putting it back down): Suit yourself.

Jagex (continuing to stare): You're a highborn.

Kae'Kil (slightly sarcastic): What gave that away?

Jagex: What's your name?

Kae'Kil: Kae'Kil.

Jagex: "Kae'Kil" what?

Kae'Kil: Just Kae'Kil.

Jagex: There is no 'Kil' clan.

Kae'Kil: It has exactly one member.

Jagex: You were ex-communicated? Why?

Kae'Kil gives some dismissive answer about it happening so long ago not to matter.

Jagex (pressing him): Sounds like an interesting story...

Kae'Kil: Mostly just pathetic and sad. And not very good breakfast conversation.

Jagex: So then...how do you know Serinth?

Kae'Kil (sitting down at the table): I've served the Weston lineage in some capacity or another since Serinth was a young girl. Right now I head the Duke's Archives.

Jagex: What?

Kae'Kil frowns and then gets up and moves to the other side of the table, so he faces Jagex's good ear.

Kae'Kil: I said I'm currently head of the Duke's Archives. Are you deaf in both ears then?

Jagex (pointing to his head): A fox exploded in my face.

Kae'Kil: So I saw.

Jagex: So you're a librarian then?

Kae'Kil: Yes. Although between you and me nobody knows I'm outside of Weston.

Kae'Kil (cont'd, sly grin): This little get-together will be our little secret.

Re-include joke about misunderstanding. Kae'Kil just gives up on Jagex understanding him and makes up some story before re-iterating his request.