He says that Sulin takes an almost sexual joy in ruining other people's fun.

During this initial description notes that this was the pack Serinth had set up to join her on this mission, but it's not a pack at all. He realizes that he's actually in the Deadwood, /in/ the Deadwood, and it horrifies. And what was he doing here? What the fuck was he doing here?

Here's where in Jagex's descriptions of Serinth (the final member of the pack he describes) he says that the rest of the pack's fear of her is so ingrained he wonders if they even recognize it anymore, and then the bit about her never talking much but even her silence commanding attention.

Regarding Ryzon's perpetual boredom, Jagex says he seemed like someone who had seen it all by now and figured he probably knew it all too, but there was a sadness in his wisdom, you looked him in the eyes and you could tell the wolf held secrets. (Also in this description Jagex uses the word 'arrogance' to describe the way Ryzon holds himself (as figuring he's seen it all.))

We remove the 'see through' him bit from the first chapter (it's too much) and put it here.

In Jagex's description he mentions that when she speaks its always tonelessly, like she's reciting the words not saying them. She stares through him when she talks, like he's not even there. He thought again about what Sabriel said. "We're all ghosts to her." [...] as she stared at him. Through him. Always through him. Like he wasn't even there. He remembered what Sabriel had said "We're all just ghosts to her."