Shuik (mid-conversation, on his back, waiving his paws in the air for emphasis): And the name of this trope?

Shuik (cont'd): "The Aristocrats!"

Shuik begins cackling madly but nobody else is laughing. When he notices this he leans up to see them. Ryzon and Shuik are staring back at him in morbid fascination. Jagex seems to have lost interest in Serinth and Ryzon holds no hint of sleepiness.

Ryzon (bluntly): That's disgusting.

Shuik turns to the other wolf for approval.

Jagex (demanding): Why are you like this?

Shuik (dismissing them with a wave of his paw): You guys just don't have a sense of humor.

Jagex (irked): Maybe we just have good taste.

Shuik: I didn't travel all the way to Weston to run with a pack that 'good taste'.

Jagex: No? Remind me cub, did you run away from your parents or did they run away from you?

Shuik: It was a mutual separation. I didn't want to hunt for ferals and they didn't want another mouth to feed.

Tool-tip text about 'feral' being a slur.

Ryzon (chuckling): Not if you're the one doing the hunting...

Jagex: I will never understand how you convinced Serinth to let you into the pack.

Shuik: It's simple. She likes me. Unlike you I haven't gotten on her bad side.

Jagex (growling): She doesn't have another side.

Shuik (lifting his book again, dismissive): Actually she can be quite accommodating with her friends. You'd realize that if you behaved more like a wolf and less like an autistic dachshund.

Shuik (cont'd, snorting, staring to read, murmuring) All those fox pauses of yours...

Jagex (offended, but also confused): I...what?

Shuik (casually picking his nose with his claw, still looking at the book but explaining like what he said made perfect sense): A fox pause. You know, when you do something awkward. Like a fox.

Jagex glances at Ryzon but the old wolf appeared to be just as baffled as he is.

Jagex (turning back, demanding): Shuik, what the fuck are you talking about?

Shuik (sighing as he lowers the book, as if having to explain something simple to a young child): It's that awkward silence after somebody's embarrassed themselves. Like foxes do. Like you do all the time.

Jagex (still confused): Foxes don't--

Jagex (cont'd, eyes widening): ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY 'FAUX PAS'?

Shuik (returning to the book, dismissive): However you say it...


Shuik (rolling his eyes): I never claimed to be an expert on the intricacies of Foxlish.


Jagex (cont'd, livid): Jesus, Shuik! You know you were so self-assured back there that for a second I was actually buying into your bullshit!

Ryzon (musing softly to himself): I've always wanted to meet a bull...

Jagex (cont'd, holding out a paw to point at Shuik): Look at you! I mean, my god, just look at you!

Jagex (turning to Ryzon for support): Look at him!

But the old wolf merely replies with a sleepy yawn.

This next bit of dialogue is awkward and needs to be replaced. It should be more insulting.

Jagex (cont'd, turning back to Shuik): You can't fight... You can't hunt... You contribute next to nothing to the pack... In fact I don't even know why Serinth brought you here!

Shuik has been looking at Jagex as he spoke and the tan wolf's expression fades. Jagex wouldn't admit it, but for a moment he was afraid he had gone too far with the young wolf.

Shuik (brow furrowed, pondering): /Why/ are we here?

Jagex (surprised, confused, relieved): Huh?

Shuik (glancing to Ryzon as if to bring him into the conversation, nodding slightly): Why are we here?

Jagex (caught off-guard by Shuik's sudden shift in tone): What, you mean Deer Park?

Shuik (frowning): No, I mean more in a cosmic sense, I've been searching for deeper meaning in my life. Of course in fucking Deer Park!

Jagex was about to speak up but held his tongue. "I don't know..." he finally conceded. "...she didn't tell me."

Jagex (growling, but holding his tongue): I don't know, she didn't tell me...

Jagex turns and walks to the ledge, plopping down beside it without bothering to hide himself, facing the basin.

Jagex (pouting, back turned): She never tells me anything...

Shuik (grimacing audibly): Ugh. Don't let that stop you from feeling sorry for yourself...

Shuik (nodding to Ryzon): What about you old man, why are we here?

Ryzon: I was wasn't briefed. I thought we were going to Tairon.

Shuik (excited): Nobody was briefed! Even Sabriel didn't know we were coming here!

Ryzon (curious): What's your point, Shuik?

Shuik: Sabriel doesn't know why we're in Deer Park. Sabriel knows everything!

Jagex (still sulking, tossing a pebble off the cliff): Obviously not...

Shuik (turning to Jagex): You don't find it odd that Serinth hasn't told her second in command the purpose of our mission?

Jagex (turning back, snarling): Shuik... /I/ am her second in command.

Shuik (dismissively): Yeah but I meant in a more practical sense--

Jagex (standing, twisting back around, throwing his paw against the snow, interrupting): Oh for fuck's sake!

Jagex (cont'd, stepping forward, snarling): You just don't know when to quit, do you? You're just blissfully ignorant!

There's a scene where they trade insults, perhaps with the mention of it Jagex's tail was any lower it would be looping through his asshole and coming out his mouth. At one point Shuik says "And you brought that fucking sword with you!"

You should see the way your ears flatten when she talks to you, if your tail were any lower i'd be looping...

What, they were all out of leather armor so you decided to strap yourself to a fucking lighthouse?

Shuik: Look at you, running about like you're some errand knight. All without a single thought to centrifuge!

Jagex (wincing): 'Subterfuge.'

Shuik: Whatever.

Jagex (continuing to defend himself): This weapon is a pre-calamity relic passed down generation by generation through a bloodline that is now nearly extinct!

Shuik (dismissively, still looking at the book): 'Cause they couldn't kill shit with swords would be my guess. You should have brought a fucking gun.

Ryzon (smiling): Like you could aim a gun, Shuik...

Furious, Jagex grips the sword's hilt in his teeth and pulls it out of the sheath with a metallic twang, in the same motion he thrusts it towards Shuik, stopping as the blade just barely touch Shuik's neck, drawing a paper-cut worth of blood. This action makes Ryzon cock his head and raise an eyebrow. But Shuik just looks at Jagex with a smirk.

Jagex (eyes wide, trying to scare the young wolf, speaking through the hilt between his teeth): The creatures that stalk the Deadwood can't be killed with bullets. You have to dismember them. One limb at a time.

In the above section Jagex should have a few more lines describing the monsters, really trying to scare Shuik.

God the below dialogue is shit, the advice that Jagex gives at the end should actually match Shuik's snarky response and be more general (and somewhat trite) life advice.

Jagex (cont'd, edging closer, the blade sliding like a razor against Shuik's throat): Let me give you some advice, cub. Serinth is not your friend. Whatever rapport you think the two of you have built up over the years: it doesn't exist. When she looks at you all she sees is an asset, an expendable asset, just like the rest of us. If one of those creatures slips out and decides to use you as snack, she won't shed a single tear over your death. And for that matter, I won't be crying either! So you'd better think long and hard about who your allies are, the members of this pack who will actually risk their lives to come to your aid.

Shuik (smirking dismissively as he returns to the book): Thanks, dad.

Jagex stands there, still irked, she sheaths his words and continues watching Shuik before abruptly tossing the book out of Shuik's paws.

Shuik looks up with a somewhat playful smirk and tosses some snow in Jagex's face. Jagex shakes it off with a growl and and leaps on them and before you know it they're both wrestling, rolling around in the snow.

Ryzon doesn't seem to care as he settles back down, placing his hand between his crossed paws.

Ryzon (closing his eyes, murmuring): He's just looking for attention Jagex, don't engage him...

But the old wolf's ears perk and he stands up abruptly, turning to the ledge and the dark forest below.

Meanwhile Jagex has gotten on top of Shuik, his paw on Shuik's throat as he chokes the smaller wolf. Shuik murmurs something incomprehensible.

Jagex (lifting his paw a little): What's that, had enough?

Shuik (wincing, voice straining under the pressure): Only if you value your balls.

Jagex looks down to see Shuik has pulled out a dagger, the tip just in between the armored wolf's testicles. He looks back at Shuik, suddenly compromised.

Shuik (shit-eating grin): What's the point of having armor if it doesn't cover the parts that matter? See charcoal wolf? I have a fancy blade too.

Ryzon (off-camera, abrupt, commanding): Silence! Both of you!

The pair stare back at Ryzon dumbly. The old wolf backs away from the ledge as if recoiling from the Deadwood. When he speaks Jagex can hear a tremble in his voice.

Ryzon (frightened): Something's coming.