The winter wind is making Heyoke shiver as he watches tears drop into the blood at his paws and swish around in the red. He sniffs and looks up, concentrating on the treeline, trying to distract himself out of crying. He stares at the trees, the black branches grew over everything they touched, dark roots horizontally into the ravine, inching closer day by day.

We mention here or somewhere else that there isn't any snow on them, they're completely black, the snow just seems to slide off of them.

Reaching out like the tendrils of some unseen monster?

Let's re-establish the archway and the canyon to remind the audience, perhaps move the 'cancer' description here.

They had tried burning it of course. Hundreds of acres set a blaze and turned to cinders. Only to discover black saplings sprouting from the ash the next day. After half a century of fighting it the only real thing the wolves of Wayland could agree upon was that it seemed to grow slower when you didn't kill it. Since, since entering the basin Heyoke could swear that the treeline had already advanced by several meters. Like it only stopped moving when you watched it.

Wait...that wasn't true. In fact Heyoke could see it moving right now. Black tendrils slithering across the snow, reaching out to grasp him, like the fingers of a hand beckoning him forward--

Serinth (off-camera): Heyoke.

Heyoke blinks, mid-trot, his right paw is hovering in mid-air, now several steps closer to the treeline. He turns back to Serinth in fright, she's still studying her book.

Serinth: We have to wait for our scout to return.

Heyoke twists back around and scans the treeline for any sign of malice. But the Deadwood is still, the black trees sway gently in the winter wind.

Heyoke begins to pace back and forth nervously, something Serinth notes he always did when he was nervous or afraid, although he would not doubt deny possessing either emotion.

We also want to show Muts doing this, as well as grabbing his tail.

Heyoke (pacing): Where are the others?

We say she's saying this in the same 'mild voice' as before.

Serinth (emotionless): Sabriel and Sulin and Kodil are hunting somewhere on the other side of the canyon. Jagex and Ryzon and Shuik are watching us from the next plateau. Pyren will be back soon.

Heyoke (stopping, looking at her): Are you sure he's coming back?

At this point Serinth finally looks up to him and begins to describe him. He was large. Large than a wolf should be. Although the way he constant kept his head down somehow made him appear smaller than her. When he spoke his words always seemed to verge on whispers. Between matted jet-black fur his eyes were liquid gold, pupils twitching back and forth nervously, perpetually scanning the horizon for new threats.

He wrapped himself in leather armor. A leather chest-plate with leather straps tied across his back. It was custom-fitted and expensive, and Serinth often wondered if he was still nimble enough to put it on by himself. It seemed too large for him now. What insulation it provided was ill-sufficient, even the cloak didn't stifle his shivering.

On his collar was fastened a brilliant glowing vial of aether, although it had been several lifetimes since she'd last seen him use it. Burned into his chest piece was a bloody rose, a sigil of their house. The dark wolf lowered his head when he noticed her staring at it, shying away and glancing back at her meekly.

She found it pathetic, she realized once again. Serinth had hoped that after all these years she could learn to forgive him for being too weak to survive. But she didn't, she hated him for it. A talented body wasted on a crippled mind.

"I wouldn't concern yourself with that." she said finally, closing the book and carefully placing it in the satchel. "It's all according to plan."

We have a note here that she's speaking Wolves' Song (and it's in red), and if you hold your cursor over it a tool tip explains that the translation means all according to plan to all according to fate.

Serinth stands and begins walking to the frozen lake.

Heyoke: Where are you going?

Serinth (still walking): To the Reservoir, you're coming too.

Heyoke (confused): Why?

Serinth (pausing and glancing back, flat): That's part of the plan.