This scene takes place just after Ryzon says "Something's coming."

During this scene we want to mention the frozen lake and how close it is to them.

After noting that Heyoke followed the white wolf in silence, we say it is a silence he had grown accustom to, and then describe her from his point of view, also noting her appearing for the first time, her white fur and the light blue patterns on it.

In his initial description he should note that they're getting closer to the basin and quickly note the frozen lake's appearance.

The below isn't working and needs improvement, we should probably note her appearance, the white fur and blue patterning.

Heyoke follows Serinth in silence, it is a silence had grown accustom to over the last few years. He studies her movements, he has to hurry to keep the pace with her. Always walking quickly, always with a purpose, as if she were perpetually in route to a meet where she was the most important person. This was truly Mosphet's daughter. But something had changed these past few months. Heyoke saw a tiredness in her, a tiredness she was desperately trying to hide. There was something deceptive in her gait, like each step was perfectly choreographed. When she addressed the pack, it seemed like she was always the one least interested in her own words. As she walked she stared eerily into the black treeline, as if she could see something hidden behind the darkness.

We say something hidden in the darkness, some distant point only she could see, and we move the tired descriptions to Jagex's description later on.

Heyoke turned to it as well. He describes the slumped trees like tendrils of an unseen monster. How many times had they tried to navigate it and failed, how many--

Heyoke turns back to the path, Serinth has stopped abruptly, her back to him.

***The below dialogue sucks, but I want her to be giving this speech that on the surface seems inspiring, and also hints that the reason Heyoke is afraid is because he hasn't succumbed to the rot yet.

Serinth (speech voice): I know you're afraid. I am too. It's good that we're afraid, it means we haven't lost our souls.

Serinth (cont'd, glancing back at him): But the wolves of Weston are strong. We accept what is offered, without gratitude or guilt. We have overcome every challenge set before us. We will conquer this one as well.

Heyoke (blinking, completely unconvinced): You don't really mean that do you? I say the words because you know you have to. But there's nothing behind them. You're just parroting yourself.

Serinth (somberly): I think I did mean them once.

Heyoke (concern growing, stepping forward): How long have you been coming here?

Serinth: I don't know... I can't remember when it started.

Serinth (turning back to the treeline, hesitating): It's like...

We say she spoke hesitantly, as if tasting the words to make sure they weren't bitter, or something...

Play speech.

Heyoke (terrified for her, nearly whispering): You have to stop...

Serinth (glancing back at him, wry smile): I can't stop now. This could be my debut.

Before Heyoke can say anything else Serinth nods to further down the treeline.

Serinth: Pyren's back.

Heyoke turns around to see a rustle in the treeline, Pyren runs out, completely terrified, panting, he skids to a stop before Heyoke and stares back at him. He begins to try to talk but can't seem to.

Before Heyoke can asks what's wrong Serinth speaks to him.

Serinth (off-camera): I'm sorry. But it's time to fight again, Heyoke.

Heyoke (turning back): What?

Serinth (she's looking right at him, screaming): FIGHT!

Something hits the dark wolf and he goes flying, as the lights go out Heyoke's last thoughts are about Serinth. He thought he could see a glimmer of sadness in her expression, but there was something else. Something he hadn't seen on her in a long time and something he never thought he would ever see again. It was fear.