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Story Overview

Part One

Rot Intro

We begin with a one-sided conversation with Kae'Kil the fox. We see a written transcript of what he's saying, although we don't see when it is from, and we can't see the replies of however he's talking to. He's speaking in his characteristic jovial yet sociopathic way in an interview, nonchalantly outlining some of the paradoxes of fox culture as he mentions how pleased he is with the professionalism of his publisher despite them constantly sending assassins to murder him. It is alluded to that he did something horrible to the family of the publishers, but they still pay him for his research.

The conversation segways into the topic of his research: The Rot. He references that the subject is somewhat taboo. Nobody knows when it first started, a vocal minority even claim that the phenomenon has always existed since the beginning of the Great Ancestral Race. In any case, the effects are obvious even to those who still pretend it's not happening: the animals of Wayland are becoming feral. They're becoming less anthropomorphic with every generation, most walk on four legs now, many can't even pick up objects. And this process is accelerating, in both predator and prey, they are losing their humanity.

Kae'Kil explains that this process is tied to bloodlines. Older bloodlines still maintain long-lived families that eat little and don't breed very often. The more muddled bloodlines look just like animals, eat constantly, die shortly. Some can't even speak anymore. This process can't be reversed, but it can be delayed. Kae'Kil has been experimenting (cruelly) with colonies of rats, breeding the most intelligent ones to see how long he can delay the rot.

The subject changes once again and Kae'Kil searches for the most prominent example of the Rot. He settles on the rabbits, briefly mentioning that after they were nearly destroyed by the wolves, they fled underground where their numbers exploded. They were on the verge of starvation with thousands of low-level 'proles' that couldn't work or often even talk.

The Rose

The story begins with Muts, the young deformed rabbit who wakes up underground in his cell. He's at the very bottom of the Warren Antioch, the 13th floor of the central borrow, Styx. He has the entire floor to himself, although it's dark and dank and dusty. He smells something that's both alluring and revolting, as well as a dripping noise. He walks out of his cell, easily opening the door and yanking the chain around his neck from the wall. He has a muzzle on in order to hold together his deformed face.

He is deformed in other ways as well, a terrifying abomination of a rabbit. He was told that when he was born his mother was so terrified of his appearance that she died of shock. As he internally describes himself, he mentions that other rabbits used to visit his cell to ask him about his dreams. Some were kind and left little presents, others scoffed at him and told him he was deluded. When they thought he was out of earshot, he heard them call him things like 'asset' or 'monster'.

They don't visit anymore, but the Warden still does. Muts shows a great affection for the Warden, although in his descriptions it is clear to the audience that the relationship is far from healthy. He references being 'punished' and not being allowed to wear clothing. But the Warden occasionally brings trinkets from the surface like snow or books, and reads Muts stories.

Although he knows he's not supposed to, Muts decides to use the lift attached to the floor to follow the scent and the dripping noise. The warren is still asleep, and he thinks he can do it without being caught. He gets in the lift and it floods with aether, a gas that illuminates the room (which is used everywhere in the warren as we will see). He goes up to the top floor, but not before stopping to stare at the proles sleeping below.

The proles (stupid lowest-class rabbits) cover the bottom ghettos of Antioch to the point where one can't see the floor. They're sleeping, a blanket of warm squishy bodies. He wants to go down and visit them, but he knows he can't. They're always terrified of him.

He reaches the top floor of the warren, which is the floor just below the surface. He can feel the cold of the snow above. He wanders, careful to avoid detection, before following the scent to the council's chambers. It's a domed room that serves as the seat of the executive / legislative government. The room reaches into the surface and Muts can actually see the sun through the snow and stained glass ceiling. The room is empty except for the center of the floor, underneath the dome and the sunlight there is a rose. A single rose is growing out of a puddle which seems to be slowly seeping over the tiled insignia of Antioch. Muts approaches, sniffing the air and realizing that the scent and the dripping is coming from here.

Muts has never seen a rose before and finds the flower beautiful. The red liquid seems to be seeping out of its pedals, slowly dripping loudly in the puddle, which seems to be created by the puzzle itself. Muts gets closer and steps into the puddle but stops. He realizes that the puddle is blood.

Vox Intro

Muts hears a voice behind him and jumps. He worries he has crushed the flower but he looks down and sees that the puddle has disappeared. A large, angry rabbit is staring him down, Vox. Muts tries to run but Vox catches him and drags him away crying. "Hold still you little monster!"

Vox throws Muts back in his cell and closes it. Before he leaves he hears his name, turning to find Muts is whimpering in the darkness. Muts utters a shameful apology as his yellow eyes seem to glow against the darkness and his black fur. Vox hesitates, seemingly disturbed by this, before leaving.

Wrex Intro

Vox reaches another room and straightens his vest before entering. We see that the commander of the military, Wrex, is casually lounging at a table. He greets Wrex cordially while at the same time commenting that Wrex is late. Vox says it is a matter they will deal with later and Wrex seems to understand the implications. Wrex notes that some of his colleagues don't think it is a good idea to address the proles.

Vox agrees, saying that they have been agitated lately. But Wrex decides he will go anyway, bringing Vox and the other rabbits in the room with him. Everybody seems uncomfortable with the idea but follows the leader anyway.

Frux Intro

Meanwhile, we switch scenes to another rabbit, Frux. She's outside of her district, aware that she could get her ears chewed out for being here. Nethertheless she's watching the proles go about their lives. She used to live in this district and occasionally comes back. She lowers herself as she hears the hierarchs appear overhead. She watches as Wrex steps forward on a podium above, we switch back to him.

Wrex's Speech

Wrex makes an affable (although seemingly condescending and perhaps disenginuine) speech to the masses of proles below. He asks them why they are barricading the entrances, why they are protesting. Voices from below scream at him, while others just snarl. They demand an increase in their rations, and claim that the other districts are getting fat while they starve. They also claim that some of them are disappearing, especially their young.

Somebody manages to throw a pawful of shit at Wrex which hits him squarely in the eyes. The others around him gag while Wrex simply smiles and wipes it off, eliciting laughter from below. Wrex continues to gently soothe them, explaining that they are all going without food, but that rationals will be doubled during an upcoming celebration. He says that people who disappear are simply being transferred out of the district to better ones.

Shrill voices continue to insult him, insisting he is lying. Seemingly irked by this, he orders his comrades to lower the platform, despite their objections. The platform is lowered and Wrex steps out in front of the proles, surrounded by his guards. The proles back away fearfully as he approaches, he steps up on something and gives a rather stirring speech, promising them that the end of their hardship is approaching, and that their rations will be doubled soon. They seem somewhat placated. One of them demands a story, and the other voices follow, almost child-like.

Wrex begins a tale about the downfall of Pylos, providing some much needed exposition for the reader. The proles seem entranced, reacting with hissing when he mentions their enemies by the name of 'foxes' or 'wolves'. They're getting pretty into it, but some rabbits are making a ruckus by humping each other right in front of the group. Luks heads over to try to break them up, exclaiming that there is a moratorium on reproduction, but the rabbit on top snarls and swipes at him. The others exclaim the rabbit is feral, and the crowd begins to panic. They begin to demand that they be allowed to leave Lethe. Wrex and his group are forced to back into the lift to avoid the crowd, with Vox hitting several or the proles that have attempted to climb aboard.

Frux sees this all with a gasp before quietly slipping away.

Note: This isn't as retarded in the re-write.

Prole Aftermath

We very quickly see a scene of an angry Wrex marching back into his district with his crowd. Luks claims the announcement could have gone better while Ruks says it was a clusterfuck. Vox is worried that the proles are going to rebel. As Wrex washes his face in a faucet he scoffs and explains that if the proles were going to rebel they would have long ago. They'll do whatever he says, because the rabbits of styx are the only things protecting the proles from anarchy.

Somebody or something reminds Wrex that it is time for Morning Silflay. Wrex turns to Vox and callously exclaims "Let's eat!"

Morning Silflay

Frux has scampered back into her district. We see a large room with many of the families of Styx lined up, they're standing in rows and columns, before them are piles of rations. The rabbits seem entirely sleepy, many of the children are yawning. On the other side of the rations Synx and some of her entourage are waiting, bored.

One of the bored rabbits in the rows is Frux's 'older brother', Meesh. He closes his eyes with mild irritation as he hears Frux awkwardly bump into other rabbits before sitting down next to him, putting her paw in an almost-fist on her chest like the others as she waits at attention.

The two exchange dialogue about Frux being late, while she claims they can't start until Wrex arrives anyway. We see that Synx has had enough, beginning the speech without Wrex. The speech is about generosity, and she tries to be stirring, although it is clear the rabbits in the crowd have heard it all before, even Meesh recites certain lines.

Frux tries to talk to Meesh about what she saw in the Lethe district, but the conversation is shut down by one of the adult rabbits, leading Synx to pause and meet Frux's eyes with a sly glare. At this point Wrex has arrived (late) with his ensemble behind the curtains. As he comments on Synx's electioneering attempts she turns to him and makes a point of forcing him to finish the speech. Frux and Meesh agree to meet in the library after their chores.

Before the group leaves, Wrex is annoyed at Frux's outbursts and tells Synx to have her punished. Vox confides in Wrex that 'that creature' was seen wandering the halls up above. Wrex thanks Vox for dealing with it subtly and plans to address the issue at night. The entire group leaves for a meeting.

Wrex and Narse

We next see Wrex sneaking into a greenroom at the bottom of the Styx district. There he meets the gardener, Narse, who is growing medicinal cannabis. The pair smoke it and through the conversation the audience realizes that Narse is a member for the government who just got out of a council meeting and is clandestinely leaking confidential information to the military via Wrex.

Narse explains that the Deadwood is closing in. By next summer the warren will be surrounded. Wrex seems dismayed but claims to have expected this, they still have spring to evacuate, now the council will have no choice but to follow his proposition. Narse says unfortunately the foxes don't share Wrex's patience, they've already started to evacuate from the continent. They'll be gone before winter's end.

Wrex is disturbed by this, as they depend on the foxes for food, they're going to starve. Narse is starting to panic but Wrex says this means they will just have to accelerate their plans. Narse says Synx claims to be working on a solution. Wrex says he will speak with Synx and get to the end of this.

Frux and Meesh at Library

Frux waits anxiously at one of the libraries for Meesh. He finally arrives and she chatizes him for waiting so long, claiming she has labor soon. Meesh seems unfazed and rather uninterested as he lazily looks through the books. Frux explains what she saw in the Lethe district but Meesh thinks she is over reacting. He tells her things aren't any worse than they've ever been and the proles should be lucky they have someone like Wrex looking out for them. It is implied that Frux is a prole that transferred from Lethe.

Meesh leaves but Frux catches eyes with Synx who is leaving an adult section of the library. They exchange pleasant conversation, with Synx chastizing Frux for making a rukus during the speech but doing so in a tongue in cheek manner. She asks Frux to help pick out a new book to read and ends up giving Frux a copy of Watership Down.

As 'punishment' for speaking up during silflay, Frux is sentenced to do labor on the surface, which she wanted to do.

Meesh and Frux go to Surface

Meesh is less than pleased to have to go on to the surface, but begrudgingly agrees to accompany her. They go up through a trap door and to the surface. They end up working checking out some machines on the surface for maintenance purposes.

After inspecting some vents they sit down and talk as Meesh has a cigarette. Frux references being upset that Meesh is never really around anymore and Meesh references the fact that Frux hasn't grown up like he has. They share a tender moment where Frux wonders if the rabbits will ever return to Wayland and admits that she suspects that the rabbits came here to die. Meesh makes her laugh and she falls and slips down the ledge, hitting her head and falling into a pit.

Frux in Oldtown

Meesh is terrified and calls after her. She wakes up and says she's okay, Meesh yells at her to stay still while he gets help. She rubs her head and begins wandering around the old surface of Antioch, which is filled with abandoned shops and other buildings. She is particularly fascinated by a statue of a rabbit that is standing on two legs.

She turns a corner and suddenly finds herself staring at the Deadwood. It's a black mass of trees like a wall. Frux is terrified of it but finds herself walking closer. But Meesh shows up and pulls her back, telling her she's crazy to have broken the quarantine.

As they're heading back they find something else, one of the abandoned greenhouses has been broken from the ceiling. Frux goes in and they find a bird laying in the glass at the bottom of the greenhouse with a broken wing. They end up talking to it, although Meesh is terrified and claims that birds eat rabbits.

The bird seems to speak poor english, but ends up explaining that it came from the Deadwood. Frux is amazed, having thought that the Deadwood had already surrounded the world. She wants to know where it came from, despite having trouble understanding it. A siren goes off in the distance and Meesh is suddenly terrified. He exclaims that they have to go now. Frux stays behind, trying to get it to speak. It eventually whispers something to her before she runs off. At this point other creatures are running through the woods as well.

They get back to the warren just in time as footsteps can be heard in the distance. The door closes and a squirrel or some other rabbit tries to scratch and get in but is unable to and is killed instead. [By one of those larger forerunner creatures the rabbits worship, but they have all gone insane.]

Wrex and Synx Dinner

We cut to Wrex patrolling Acheron where he "coincidentally" runs into Synx who is reading and writing down some notes while eating. Wrex sits down and tries to act charming but ends up just annoying her, as she demands to know what he wants. He eventually admits that the reason he's come is to discuss what they are going to do about the Deadwood.

Wrex says he knew this day was going to come, it is time to move the rabbits out of Antioch. They have a plan, he suggested it last year: they need to follow the foxes out of Valhalla and to Westworld.

Synx puts down her glasses and remains skeptical of this idea, claiming that the foxes will just betray them, as they have been betrayed before. She says she will come up with an idea that doesn't involve mass suicide. They will survive on their own.

Wrex and Letter

Frux is escorted to the Lethe district where she is allowed to meet with her father. She is annoyed to see how rough the other rabbits are with him, but she is let into a room with him where she tells him about the bird she found. However it is clear to both her and the audience that her father is becoming feral, he can barely speak, like the other rabbits in the area. She brings some food and other rabbits come to eat it but the guard hits them away.

She pets him and promises she will come visit more, once she can afford to. And that she hopes he is doing well.

Frux Discovers Muts

Frux discovers Muts in a cell at the bottom of Acheron and is terrified that he's in a cell. He's in the darkness and says she's not supposed to be there. She can smell him, but can't see him. But he claims to be able to see her, he's good at seeing in the dark. She found him while sneaking around for Wrex's things. Muts seems to be oblivious to the fact that he's a prisoner.

They end up talking and eventually (over several scenes) he ends up coming out of the darkness. He terrifies her, and she runs away. (knowing the rumors of Wrex's deformed son). But she eventually comes back.

Over time they become friends and Frux learns more about the warren through Muts. Despite being imprisoned and naive, Muts knows a lot about the warren. When asked how long he has been there, Muts explains that he was there from the beginning, although Frux doesn't understand.

The Deadwood Grows

After hearing Frux and Meesh's story, Wrex punishes them and plans an expedition to investigate the Deadwood. They discover to their horror that the Deadwood has grown, it's growing vertically up a wall to get to the warren, and growing at an accelerated rate. As if now it 'knows' they are there and wants to get to them.

Wrex leaves someone to watch it in order to measure how quickly it grows over a day, but he comes back the next day to discover his scout is missing entirely.

Synx's Plan

Wrex is rather upset about this during his next meeting with Narse. But Narse tells him it gets worse. Narse passes Wrex a document detailing Synx's 'solution' to the problem. Wrex is terrified by this assessment and marches over to Synx. He tells her that committing genocide and burying them in a hole in the ground is insane. He won't help her.

She responds that he will do whatever he needs to do because he works for her and the rest of the government.

Wrex and Muts and Map

Wrex seems somewhat distant as he's reading this book. Muts talks to him and he blinks and comes to. Muts is asking for the next page. Wrex puts the book down and shows him the map in the book. He points to different locations and talks about cities there, including Westworld and Zarkhan and Weston, the wolves.

Muts points to a location and he mentions Pylos. Muts asks about what life was like, Wrex answers some questions. The conversation turns to Wrex's son who used to serve with him. Wrex says he died and Muts feels the conversation has turned sour. Wrex says Muts reminds him of his son. Wrex asks if he looks like him. Wrex says not at all, but he has the same spirit.

Muts shakes and Wrex asks what's wrong. Muts says he's really hungry. Wrex seems sullen and says don't worry, I will get you some food.

Part Two

Lethe Deteriorates

This is one of several scenes (we need to expand on this concept) where the audience sees the already shitty conditions of Lethe deteriorate even further over time. The patrols have trouble getting through the district as the proles are barracading the entrances, and when they do get through, they have to rule with an iron first to avoid being attacked. It's kill or be killed during a confrontation.

Wrex is sharing a conversation with Vox when he stumbles on to some of the 33rd pulling this man out of his 'home'. His wife is quite upset, claiming he's not feral. Wrex interviews the man, and discovers he used to be blacksmith. He's not much of anything anymore, he's barely cogniscent. Wrex gives him a simple test, to recite some poem or something. The man has trouble doing it, but Wrex patiently whispers the lines so the old man can repeat them. Wrex's soliders know he's bullshiting but at this point Wrex doesn't care. Wrex declares the man is far from feral and leaves him.

However, at some point Wrex discovers that the man did go feral and raped and murdered his wife (and maybe a few others). This leads to a sullen Wrex being asked what's wrong by Muts in the map scene.

Even though Lethe is supposed to be all craftsmen, the council has been forcibly sterilizing the residents, those that aren't being shipped away to Acheron that is.

Frux and Muts Wrestle

At this point Vox is aware that Frux and Muts have been meeting and is beginning to distrust Wrex. The pair share a conversation as they watch Muts and Frux play down below. Vox tells Wrex that he is losing it, that he's using Muts as a surrogate for his dead son. Vox specifically says what Wrex is doing is 'evil'. Wrex admits that he plans to do much more evil in the coming weeks. (He's decided to associate some of the members of the legislature in order to prevent Synx from carrying out her plans.

While they are wrestling Muts accidentally scratches Frux, drawing some blood. He's worried and asks if she's okay, and she is. But the point is he seems to fixate on the blood, another hint that he's not what he seems.


In preparation for her agenda Synx has permission to perform certain 'tests' on members of the population. The audience doesn't know what they're for, although the tests take the form of interviews and Synx claims they are a wellness examine. It is both physical (and quite invasive) and mental. We see the interview section with Frux and several of her classmates. Synx wants to ensure that these selections are worthwhile, some of Frux's friends fail and are sent to Acheron, although Frux still believes they are just being transferred away.

We also get to see Muts private examination. He's interviewed by the entire council, he remembers a few faces but hasn't seen most of them in years. He's asked some pointed questions regarding Wrex while Wrex it led outside the room (to Muts' distress). He is also asked questions about his dreams. (They're mostly interested in his loyalty, will he turn on them if they bring him to the surface?)

In the end Muts gathers the courage to ask which one of them are his parents? He knows he's disfigured and fucked up, but he just wants to know. Synx (who is leading the interviews) smiles and says they are all his family. Although it is clear that many of the members of the council despise him and would rather he die. It is implied that they take a vote on whether or not to terminate him, with Synx voting in his favor (or maybe against him, she can tell Wrex how she voted in the next scene).

Wrex's Assassination

In order to prevent Synx from passing her agenda through resolution, he has one of the council members murdered via poisoning. [This likely takes place after the scene where he and Vox are watching Muts and Frux play in the library but before the dinner conversation with Frux and Synx [where she uses the Fox's help for a counter-assassination.]

Narse's Death

The rabbit Narse (Wrex's friend and spy for the council) is lead up to the surface on false pretenses, there he is murdered by the Fox (Kae'Kil, who is working for both Synx and Wrex). This comes as a major upset right before the vote takes place, Synx ends up having the upper hand despite everything Wrex did.

Synx and Frux Dinner

Did this get mentioned twice? It's still in the wrong order in any case.

Frux and Synx have a private dinner where Synx is interested in Frux, although she's also interested in spying on Wrex through Frux and Frux's relationship with Muts (which she openly knows about). Frux asks Synx about the book Watership Down, and Synx gives has an interesting conversation about Rosewater / discussing the fact that humans aren't real. Frux is unconvinced.

After Frux leaves Kae'Kil steps out of the shadows, revealing he's been there the entire time. Kae'Kil notes that Frux is an interesting specimen, she's from the proles but seems to be much more intelligent, which is why Synx picked her out. He calls it a 'regression' and requests to 'purchase' her. Synx politely declines, explaining that's not why she called him there. He agrees, asking when he is to 'begin'. She says immediately. [Her plans to bypass Wrex by assassinating Narse].

Wrex's Coup

After exhausting every diplomatic option and several undiplomatic ones (murder). Wrex opts to simply ignore the council's decision. He uses the military to arrest Synx and everyone in her party, suspending the government until he can negotiate some pact with the foxes and get everyone out of Antioch. His subordinates, especially Vox, are skeptical of this half-assed plan to get thousands of nearly-insane proles to Westworld, especially since old Wrex has become such a drug-addled spaz.

Frux's Growing Distrust

Frux is less-than-pleased to learn that Synx (the closest thing she has to a mother) is now imprisoned and Wrex has basically suspended the government. But she still visits Muts. She openly talks about her suspecions regarding Wrex's intentions, trying to convince Muts that his situation isn't normal. Muts still doesn't see himself as a prisoner, despite Frux's explanation that Wrex doesn't even talk about him.

Muzzle Removal

Muts echos a few of Frux's claims to Wrex but Wrex seems to brush it aside. Wrex takes off Muts' muzzle, simply claiming that he no longer needs it (to correct his facial structure). Wrex also claims that he's going to begin taking Muts out of the basement, implying he doesn't care what other people think about it anymore. (He's really starting to look at Muts as a son, but parading a wolf around the warren like that makes his subordinates believe he lost his mind and contributes to his downfall via Vox's decision to betray him).

Frux Library Reveal

This no longer happens with Frux and Wrex, but Frux and Synx after Wrex is imprisoned through Frux's actions.

Wrex has one of the upper floors completely cleared, bringing Frux and Muts to a library. (Some of the guards do see what Wrex is doing and it doesn't inspire confidence in their leader). Muts is esctatic to finally be able to wander around a library, given how much he loves books. Meanwhile Frux fixates on a censored painting "Wolf-cubs at play." [It's the same painting Mentor has in the upcoming Westworld arc]

Wrex gives some background on the censorship in Antioch, and how he regrets it, wishing that the wolves could be their friends. Frux claims that the wolves are monsters, they want to eat us. Wrex says we (rabbits) do all sorts of monsterous things, and we still do them. The wolves have to eat or they will die, what is our excuse?

At this point Wrex decides to show Frux the truth. He takes her to a locked portion of the library (Where she saw Synx exit in one of the first chapters) and gives her an encylopedia, asking her to turn to a certain page. Frux turns to it and is terrified, dropping the book and turning away in fear. Wrex demands that she stare at the page, then gives the book to her for safekeeping, telling her she can't show anyone else. [We see the encylopedia page at the end].

We see that Vox is once again spying / outside of his assigned area. He's starting to think that backing Wrex was the wrong decision.


Either to visit the bird again, or if we drop that plot device just to follow Wrex, Frux decides to follow Wrex and some other rabbits into the night as they leave the warren. Although Muts protests that she shouldn't. She stumbles upon them having a covert meeting with a fox (Kae'Kil). Although we only hear a few bits (in Foxlish which she doesn't understand) it is implied that Wrex is simply seeking some more time.

However the fox realizes they have a visitor. Wrex tries to defend Frux, claiming she's a child and nobody will believe her. Kae'Kil is already familiar with her, and seems disappointed, but also seems like he's about to eat her to make sure she stays silent. But he's distracted by Muts. Muts comes up from behind, recognizes the presence of a fox (first time seeing a non-rabbit), and nearly seizes up in terror. Kae'Kil recognizes Muts as well, as a wolf cub and not a rabbit. Kae'Kil demands to know who Muts is, and how he got there, questions Muts doesn't understand or have the answer to.

Wrex interjects and says it is none of Kae'Kil's business. And for a moment the fox seems like he's just going to kill everyone and take Muts, but decides at the last second not to. Kae'Kil greets Muts and Frux cordially and bids them adu, leaving the shipment for pickup. Wrex escorts the two kids out quickly, although Frux is still traumitized from almost being eaten, as she walks away she turns back to see the fox smiling at her. She also hears Wrex speaking with Muts, claiming that the foxes are the only allies they have left, and that "not all foxes are bad."

This encounter is the straw that breaks the camels back: Frux no longer trusts Wrex and needs to know what he's trading to the foxes.

Part Three

Investigating Acheron

Let's not forget Frux's best friend was sent to Acheron, she tells Muts all about him, she wants to visit him again.

After the encounter Muts is finally ready to believe Frux, but still needs more proof. She convinces him to sneak out with her (which is easier said than done, Muts is probably locked down as punishment, we need to think about how realistic this is). Frux's plan is to talk to the heads of government in the other districts, to ask some questions / speak about Wrex's usurping. She wants to go to Acheron, which is supposed to be the second-most-properous district after Styx and where many of her friends were sent.

But as they travel there, they realize that most of the warren is in pitch blackness. They turn on aether-ovens to discover that huge rooms are completely empty or converted into makeshift greenhouses. Districts the size of cities are vacant. When they finally get to Acheron Frux and Muts are terrified to discover makeshift 'breeding grounds'. Rooms are filled with female proles that are tied up. Some are passive, some are angry and lashing out. All of them are being raped by the Damned 33rd. Both out of necessity and frustration. This is where most of the children of Styx came from, this is why they seem to have fathers but no mothers. The warren has been systematically raping the least-feral proles to try to come up with children for the future.

Animal Farm

The pair continue and discover some proles being led away. They finally get to Acheron proper and discover it is a killing room floor. The Damned 33rd are systematically killing, skinning, and packaging thep roles as food for the foxes. The proles are traded as meat and fur for vegetation that the warren can survive off of in the winter. Wrex is there, helping them do it. Frux doesn't realize that this has been going on with the council government's approval and is the only thing keeping the warren alive.

The pair have to hide after Wrex nearly finds them but seems to back away at the last moment. They escape back into Styx and the pair come to the conclusion that Antioch is just a farm, a farm for the foxes. They've been slaughtering the mentally and physically disabled. Muts comes to the conclusion that he is going to be next (for being disabled). As a hint that he's not exactly a rabbit, after the killing room floor Frux absentmindedly notes that Muts is drooling. Frux begins planning their escape. (She gives a whole speech about being willing to go through the Deadwood if necessary which is ironic since she's the one who's too much of a coward to at the end.)

Frux Frees Synx

Frux takes an action that directly leads to Synx being freed, believing that she is saving the proles by doing so. In turn Synx convinces Vox (who already had doubts) to betray Wrex and re-establish proper government.

Wrex is imprisoned (in a cell very similar to Muts). Frux is disappointed and confused to discover Muts is imprisoned as well, not understanding what Muts did wrong.

Synx Confronts Wrex in Jail

The tables have turned and now Wrex is imprisoned. Synx comes to visit him, and they exchange rather friendly dialogue as Synx remarks on the poor and uncivil state of the prison cells (and the warren as a whole). Although he accuses her of committing genocide and refers to Muts as their 'son'. She says that thing (Muts) is not her son.

Synx tells Wrex that he's lost. But he doesn't need to die, he just needs to be willing to make a sacrifice like the rest of them. He says he has a condition. She asks what.

The Festival

Frux is finally allowed to see Muts. He's lying in his cell, he's used to it. He is told by one of the guards that they will now leave for morning silflay. Muts explains that he never silflays in the morning, the guard says this morning he does.

Muts is taken to the surface and is nearly blinded from the sunlight. If takes him several minutes before he can open his eyes and when he finally does he sees that everyone is staring at him. The families are afraid while the children are asking what that is. Is it some kind of rabbit? He finds Wrex who smiles sadly back at him.

Synx gives a command and the lower gates of Antioch open. The proles of Lethe are allowed out, they too are blinded by the sun before adjusting to the wonder of the surface. Synx addresses them, apologizing for the injustices they've faced and the sacrifices they've made, that they continue to make. She leaves them to feed as she directs the kids far away from the warren (to their designated spot).

Muts Wrex Showdown

When the group is picking their berries or produce or whatever, Wrex takes Muts away. Frux tries to stop it but is halted by Vox. Muts shares a quiet and awkward journey with Wrex into the growth and then Wrex admits that he knows Muts saw him killing the proles in Acheron. He apologizes for that, and then apologizes for what's going to happen next.

The pair stop in front of a large defunct gate. It's been grown over with time, Wrex says this is where it all started. Where the rabbits escaped from Pylos. Muts asks if they can't just go back (both to Pylos and back to when he didn't realize Wrex was killing off the other rabbits). Wrex says no, this gate is closed for good, but he hopes another might open soon.

At this point Muts is sobbing, Wrex turns around and discovers that Muts is crying and Muts asks if Wrex is going to kill him now. Wrex is confused and says no, of course not, he loves Muts, he would never hurt Muts. (At this point it's clear Vox was right and Muts really is just a surrogate replacement son). Wrex says he doesn't care what the others think anymore, he's taking Muts 'with him'. But Wrex begins to struggle to explain what's next, claiming that 'sacrifices need to be made'. Muts' eyes widen as he starts to piece together what's really happening.

Massacre at Antioch

Muts runs back the way they came, despite Wrex's shouts from behind that it's too dangerous. Muts stops for a split-second when he reaches the others, long enough to lock eyes with Frux, before taking off again. Frux takes off after him, and soon everyone is running back to the warren.

When they get to the warren Muts discovers nothing but blood and fur and tracks and death. The foxes have came and wiped out everyone. Muts wants to know where is friends are, he runs into the warren. Wrex gets to the clearing soon after, but stops in horror: the Deadwood has grown since they last visited. Despite being gone for maybe an hour, it's already grown 50 feet. It's consuming part of the warren now, its tendrils going through one of the towers.

Muts discovers that everyone is gone. He comes out and begins chastising Wrex, claiming Wrex did this. They both seem to be on the verge of crying. But Synx steps in and explains that he didn't do it. She did. And she would do it again, it was necessary for the warren. Without all the hungry mouths to feed now they can survive.

Muts refuses to stay there any longer and asks Frux to leave with him, to go into the Deadwood and to wherever is on the other side like they said. But she looks at the Deadwood with horror and Muts realizes she's not going for it. He leaves without her, although Wrex tries to go after him, Synx stops Wrex. Wrex pleads with her, reminding her that Muts is too valuable to lose.

Meanwhile a cub asks his father where all the bodies went.


Frux and Vox (or possibly Wrex and Vox depending on the revision) go after Muts to bring him back. They catch up with him and Muts throws a little shit-fit, trying to escape as Vox holds him down and tells him he's too important to die. Muts yells that he doesn't understand and is screaming and thrashing, but he feels a shaking and looks up to see that Vox isn't even paying him attention, this big-ass scary rabbit is actually shaking out of fear. Muts turns and sees that Frux is shaking too, he scans the horizon to try to figure out what they are looking at.

Out in the distance is one of of the proles, clearly dead, but still staring back at them. It's head is perched over a log, mouth ripped out in a perpetual grin, grinning like it knows something they don't. It comes towards them, not running, instead it sort of slides on the ground, swinging its broken arms and legs sideways like it's swimming over the snow. As it comes at them there are other proles that appear out of the woodworks, an entire army of them are coming out of the Deadwood. Vox begins backing up as the nearest one appraoch but it leaps on to him and rips out is throat. Frux and Muts scream and run away.

They get back to Antioch but lead the undead rabbits as well. There is no time to esscape, the dead proles flood into the warren and surround the survivors, Muts can hear screams from down below. The survivors are forced to jump off the cliff edge (and possibly to their deaths) to stay alive. Wrex urges Muts to jump but Muts seems to be in a trance, he spots the lion cub with antlers in a dream-like sequence in between the attacking proles, the other cub is smiling back at him. Wrex finally grabs Muts and pulls him off the cliff, the trees down below come at Muts before everything fades into darkness.


Muts and the others awake to find many of them are dead, the ones who survive typically have injuries. Frux and Wrex and Muts and Synx have survived, but many of their friends lay dead in the snow. Others are looking for each other. A few are paralyzed and have to be left behind. There is commotion as one of the undead rabbits survived, it's trying to get at one of the cubs but is trapped below some dead bodies. Synx swiftly puts a knife through its head and begins to address the crowd. She's still in charge. They don't have any choice anymore but to follow Wrex's initial offer: They have to get to Marathon.

Lost Confidence

As they march forward to the gate, Synx tries to have a conversation with Frux and is shut down. At this point Synx has lost her comrades, the warren, and the closest thing she's had to a daughter. While at least Wrex still has Muts (despite Muts also not trusting him anymore.)


When I'm go back and revise this I need to add the rest of the story arc up to where it transitions into "Cubs in Zarkhan".