We need to explain that the translation is based on puns, it would be great if we could get a lingust to help bullshit our way through here so we can give actual examples.

In our examples (and the story arc), we show that translations often comes with slashes for double meanings, for both words, phrases, and sometimes sentences.

We will need to use different colors for the different languages, for example, when the rabbits begin speaking in lapine, it's not explained to the audience, so instead we have to just make the text blue.

Because foxes use innuendo they often are seen as not ever saying what they mean.

Despite the puns, it's also completely unambigious, like Lojban, leading foxes to sometimes misunderstand what people say, like in Airplane!.

We can mention that Foxlish is by far the most difficult language to translate and sometimes Foxmilk takes hours on a single sentence.

Reintroduce concept of Foxes saying 'marf' and 'cubs' as universal descriptors.

Maybe they add cubs when the puns wouldn't work otherwise, and the sentence feels uncomfortable. It's actually the translation of 'vox' and appears when Kae'Kil speaks Foxlish. Marf and cubs are used to 'balance' unbalanced sentences, without them added the sentences don't have all the derived meaning and sound like nonsense.