We refer to Heyoke the Wolf as the 'epicenter' of Rosewood.

Most of the below is imported from the old wiki and has not been revised.

Heyoke the Wolf is an epic low-fantasy anthropomorphic animal novel sequence and a central artifact of the Rosewater Transmissions. Ostensibly, novel concerns the struggles of different societies of anthropomorphic animals as they struggle for control over resources in a dying world. The main character is a wolf named Heyoke who is starving himself because he can no longer stand murdering other animals to eat them.

Often jokingly described by the community as 'Game of Thrones meets Watership Down', the artifact is noted for both its format and relevance to the Rosewood phenomenon. As some point in each Rosewood broadcast Heyoke the Wolf is inevitably referenced by name at least once. The novel serves as an important nether artifact, second only to TAOCAH in terms of the number of discussion threads dedicated to it on RoseNET.

We mention that one of the major themes of the novel is decay (and renewal), with examples of the architecture, the creature's intelligence, adding at the end that even fundamental concepts like space and time seem to be breaking down. Other themes are dehumanization and the breakdown of society. The conflict between serving one's country vs family, trading the suffering of a few for less suffering of many.

We mention that the Republic of Wayland, the last extant sovereign state, has be rocked (wrecked? ravaged?) by a series of bloody civil wars. The first volume documents the events leading to a military coup of the country.

In the premise section do we want to mention that even the world seems to be decaying while referencing the Deadwood and Apocolypse Land?

We want to mention that the community has come up with several partial (and frequently conflicting) translations. Also the more authoritative translation, made by BloodNinja, is not under a free license. The ongoing translation on NetherWiki is Foxmilk's translation, although it is not without controversy. (we want to link to this page).

At over one thousand chapters long the novel is by far the largest single document in Rosewood Transmissions. Although human languages are frequently spoken by the characters in Heyoke's universe, the chapters are each written in one of several fictional animal languages embedded in the novel itself. Thus anyone who wishes to read Heyoke the Wolf must first translate it to their native language.

We mention that both the Into the Deadwood and Rabbits of Styx sections are written in Wolves' Song, and have a specific kind of beat, while Majordomo in Weston is written in lapine and rather flowy, Cubs in Zarkhan is short and clinical, with much more introspective thoughts about the characters (we will need to figure out the styles in studies, the foxlish in particular has an odd syntax with /'s because it's based on puns, probably the most difficult.). The bambi arc is told from a character's point of view and almost entirely spoken english.

Actually, it would make most sense for the cubs in Zarkhan arc to also be wolve's song, we have a arc with Muts driving through the entire story, up until the point with Serinth, up until the point with the Deadwood, and then through to the end.

Instead of being from first person view (which I don't think will really work anyway), let's have Bambi and Patches' arc be Foxlish. And Majordomo's arc is lapine. There's a kind of symmetry there, Muts is in a rabbit city and his story arc is Wolve's Song. Majordomo is in a wolf city and his story is in lapine. Bambi and Patches (in the current Zarkhan, forward, are Foxlish.

We note that in Rosewood every transmission references Heyoke at least once.

Let's rip off: https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/A_Game_of_Thrones especially the basic plot outline, the chapter summaries section, and the list of characters and mention of limited third person point of view. And /especially/ the "Plot Introduction" where we mention the nature of the world (with a link to history) and the fact that there was a recent bloody civil war that led to the fall of democracy and the installation of a dictator. Don't go into /that/ much detail with the plot though, make it more like the wikipedia page with a link to the plot overview for the books. I would like a basic plot overview for the first three books, listed under the first volume, with links to a more detailed overview.

The NetherWiki Community is currently an open-source translation of Heyoke the Wolf which is updated semi-regularly.


Insert premise here. The plot in the first volume follows four staggered, overlapping, sometimes ambiguous timelines:

In Weston

The last functional government is on the verge of collapse. We mention that the dictator who took over the control (after it was ensnared in a series of civil wars) is nowhere to be seen. Only speaking through Majordomo, he's trying to maintain control as a rabbit in city of wolves who are becoming ever more desperate.

We mention he's trying to retain control over a 'fragile empire'.

In the Deadwood

Serinth leads her rag-tag and somewhat dysfunctional pack into the Deadwood, and we show their growing resentment for her as she leads them down this trip to hell, what they're looking for only she knows. We mention that through flashbacks we see how they all came to follow this seemingly insane woman. (horrifying amalgamations that attack predator and prey indiscriminately.) (Maybe mention that the pack shares their stories of how they came to follow her as their resentment grows.)

In Styx

We mention that it's overgrown with proles, and that the society has been turned into a police state, Frux is growing distrustful of her government as they instute ever more brutal reforms to curb the spead of the out-of-control population while a seemingly deformed rabbit has visions of destruction. (We mention the extra-judicial killings and censorship to keep their population intact, it's a crisis where they don't have enough food to feed the lower poplulace.)

In Zarkhan

We mention that a drug-addicted hyena has to transport a doe who claims to be impreganted by a lion and how she believes her son will be the masahi, this guy ends up transporting her through half a contient. We could also mention that he's part of some apocolyptic cult.


The story is told non-linearly with many intersecting, sometimes purposefully ambiguous, timelines. Because many characters in Heyoke's universe have extended lifespans the audience must rely on context clues within the story arc to determine when events took place in the story.

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At over 9.8 million words in length (excluding the appendix) Heyoke the Wolf has been dubbed Rosewater's 'endless novel'. Over three times as long as War and Peace, it can take a dedicated reader several years to finish the whole story. Making a thread with a variation of the title "I finally finished it!" has become a rite-of-passage of RoseNET's Heyoke the Wolf board. [Insert citation here]

English is frequently spoken by several of the main characters, as is French and Spanish. However every species in Heyoke the Wolf has their own native language which is described in rigorous detail in a translation table at the end of the book. The narrative (everything that isn't dialogue) sections of the novel are written in the native language of the species whom the point of view character in that chapter belongs to. This means that the majority of the novel is written in a completely artificial language and must be translated before it can be read. Due to licensing issues with current translations, the NetherWiki Community is working on a free translation which can be read here.