Most of the below is imported from the old wiki and has not been revised.

Here we note some controversy (maybe if it's not long enough we mix most of the explanation in the main page and only list the differences here, we specifically want to mention the Rosewater / Rosewood controversy.

We would like to note here or somewhere else that the original text file uses several glyphs that don't have real unicode equivalents, which has caused communities to assign their own glyphs, the conflicts have given rise to an open source standardized glyph structure for the characters in each language, which we also list here.

Maybe rename this article Heyoke Translation Efforts and link back to it in the heading, while also saying that the translation is not without controversy, linking to the controversy section of this article.

Aside from the Rosewater controversy, Foxmilk decided to keep the lapine words for animals original instead of substituting 'wolf', as he feels that it adds to the story to not immediately reveal Muts is a wolf, which has garnered significant criticism as they feel it is not a true translation.

So in a sentence that mentions 'silflay', since it's actually an english word, that particular word is shown to be black, around the blue.

We explain Heyoke doesn't have chapters, it's just one complete story. But we mention that by convention chapter breaks are put in where the texts appear (Foxmilk named the chapters himself) and Foxmilk has also added additional sub-chapter breaks to ease the reading experience.

BloodNinja’s translation was the first complete english translation of Heyoke the Wolf, and a seminal moment in the Rosewater community. It was translated in a single draft and BloodNinja's weekly updates were a major topic on RoseNet forums. BloodNinja (like many others, including myself) learned Lojban specifically to translate Heyoke the Wolf and as a way to better understand Rosewater as a whole. Unfortunately it completely disregards the overall tone of the work, includes a large amount of mistranslation, especially regarding the nuances of lojban in word-play, and completely mis-characterizes Serinth’s personality.

BloodNinja claims to be working on a second ‘perfected’ draft, a claim he has been parroting for years. Given his other recent grandiose claims and known mental health issues, he seems to have difficulty keeping his own life together let alone work on a side-project of this scale.

Tim Heidecker’s Novelization Of all the corporations to hop on the Rosewater bandwagon I never thought Adult Swim would be involved. From the recent attempts to license episodes of TAOCAH to the recent purchase of Grigor’s copyrights, and now a commercial translation from none-other than the creator of Tim and Eric. Adult Swim seems poised to bring the Rosewater phenomenon to a wider audience (and profit in the process).

I have read the preview chapters and they certainly are a step up from BloodNinja’s work. Although I would have made certain stylistic changes it is currently the most faithful translation to the original. However it is a commercial project and must be purchased in book form. The Rosewater community will never be able to redistribute it freely, for that reason it will never properly serve the community.

There should be an introduction at the beginning of the story by Foxmilk, explaining the sorted history of Heyoke and saying if you want to start a holy war start a thread on reddit or RoseNet calling Heyoke trash, and possibly saying a running joke in the community is that no two people interpret it the same way and have all sorts of wild interpretation of what it means, Foxmilk thinks it's a parable on the inevitability of suffering.

Regarding the extra numbered breaks, Foxmilk adds them between each logical scene, like the transition between Serinth and Jagex watching 1.0.4 for example, this is considered controversal (but then again if it's something he added that fucks up the thing we do with Serinth's time travel sections where it jumps to like 0.400024242424.0, etc.