As we finally see in her flashback arc, she's trapped in her own personal hell. No matter how hard she tries she can't jump back to before the aftermath of the Battle of Tairon, waking up to see the genocide she committed and her two broken brothers who she dragged into the war.

She's a tricky character to write because she changes so much during the story, we introduce her in Series B flashback arc as an arrogant but idealistic cub in Zarkhan who's really believes in her country and the promise of her father. In stark contrast to the emotionally-dead character who doesn't seem to care if her pack lives or dies in Series A.

But even in Series A, we still want to keep a sarcastic dark wit about her, she's not a sociopath like her father (despite what Jagex says). She's just re-lived the trek into the Deadwood for so long she can't bring herself to feel any real emotion when she sees her friends die for the thousandth time.

We show her dark shift take hold in the War Arc as she is forced again and again to set aside her morality to assure her father's victory in war. Then her descent into nihilism in Serinth's Story as she realizes she can't even kill herself to escape her suffering.

As an empath esper, like Kae'Kil, she can make herself relatively 'invisible' by making her scent.

Include those funny time travel quotes at the beginning and end on the section about her abilities.