Due to Foxlish being his native tongue, sometimes when he speaks english his choice of words and phrases are...interesting: - I didn't join this church to be preached at! - We're not interested, continue. - I can't, money is too expensive right now. - Technically I'm not pedantic. - I wasn't listening but I strongly disagree. - I'm proud of you I guess... - It sure gets late early around here. - I want to get your opinion on something, and it won't actually affect my decision... - I don't question (the existence of) humans, I question humanity. - What kind of fox would I be if I couldn't keep secrets? - He's sadder than an orphan with an incest fetish. - It's warmer than a possum's pussy... - I've never told a lie in my life.

Just like seers (like Triavox) are known for becoming psychotic, espers (like Serinth) are known for becoming sociopathic, that's what happened to Kae'Kil he feels the emotions of every rat he tears apart but he had to grow numb to it over time, otherwise he would have lost his mind. It is painful for Serinth to try to hold on to her humanity.