Frustrated with limited bandwidth of his local webserver, Rudolph bought an dedicated VPS and transformed his blog into a forum-based community called 'Rosenet.' The forum grew quickly, attracting attention from both the local west campus community and the Internet. It was during these first few months that the Rosenet community began a process of researching and cataloging the transmissions. These forums were a platform for many 'firsts' of the greater Rosewater community, including the initial decoding of RXS2 and the first english translation of Heyoke the wolf.

While interest was initially limited to residents in the various Austin cooperatives, a small but dedicated fandom was already building. After the success of a student club at a local community college, Rudolph began using the equipment at his university as a central hub for recording, decoding, and sharing the transmissions. In July on 2017 91.7 KOOP and 93.7 KLBJ filed a joint complaint with the FCC regarding unauthorized broadcasting across the licensed spectrum. The Daily Texan featured a front-page article on the phenomenon which was soon followed by a Slashdot post linking to Rudolph's website. The resulting surge of traffic crippled his web-server for the next two days.

At the same time other individuals and corporations had begun recording Rosewater, caught in a race to follow the transmissions as they changed frequencies and source locations. A few days after the Slashdot article, Rudolph returned to class to discover recording equipment had been confiscated as well as his school laptop and NAS server. The University of Texas at Austin's official position was that Rudolph's use of university equipment had never been authorized and subsequently claimed copyright over all Rosewater recordings made on campus. The university also began sending take-down notices to Rudolph's hosting provider, as well YouTube, Reddit, and other early Rosewater fan communities.

This marked the beginning of a period of intense fracturing in the Rosewater communities colloquially known as Copyright Hell. Community members began asserting their own copyright over their Rosewater recordings and sending DMCA takedown notices over what they perceived to be their intellectual property. Many Rosewater artifacts were left in a state of limbo as various actors attempted to file conflicting takedown requests.

While Rudolph remained one of the popular posters on RoseNET, most of the content was being created by the community under an embedded MoinMoin project, the NeatherWiki Archives. Unlike other wiki projects at the time, the NeatherWiki Archives did not specify a shared licensing scheme for community contributions. After Rudolph began inserting advertisements on the RoseNET forums, the resulting community backlash led to community conversation regarding the creation of a new website. At this point Rudolph claimed to own complete rights to all content under the RoseNET forums and NeatherWiki Archives.

So we've got the rosewood coop, his blog, turning it into RoseNET after, then there being a period of fracturing due to commercialization and controversy with Rudolph trying to add advertisements.

ne of the most controversial decisions Rudolph made was the assertion that he was the sole copyright holder of The Adventures of Calvin and Hobbes (TAOCAH), a bizarre, surreal, and transgressive animated television show and one of the most popular and talked-about artifacts of Rosewater. In what Rudolph later described as '[...] the worst decision I have made', he rescinded free access to the episodes and began charging for 'premium user' accounts. This angered many of the remaining members of RoseNET and the moderation team left RoseNET to begin hosting episodes of TAOCAH on their new community project, CalvinHub.

The drama between Rudolph and his old moderation team escalated over a series of very public flame wars. In particular Rudolph attacked Skunkcream, a web programmer Rudolph had originally hired to work on RoseNET and the project lead of CalvinHub, of stealing source code Rudolph legally owned. This fight reached in zenith when announced that he was going to take action against CalvinHub for hosting TAOCAH.

Ironically Rudolph was immediately met with a counter-suit, not by the developers of CalvinHub, but by the estate of Bill Watterson, the original creator of the newspaper comic Calvin and Hobbes. Bill Watterson asserted that TAOCAH was a deviant and corrupted adaptation of his characters and demanded that the episodes be taken down.

Due to Rudolph's previous claims that he was the sole proprietor of TAOCAH and his attempts to commercialize it, he could not claim fair use as a defense. As part of an undisclosed settlement Rudolph was forced to abandon RoseNET and the NeatherWiki Archives. Furthermore Rudolph was required to transfer his website source code, content, and all associated intellectual property to the plaintiff. CalvinHub was also taken down as a result, leaving one of Rosewater's most popular artifacts in limbo and inciting the ire of the Rosewater community.

The transmissions shift between analog and digital signals the latter of which is modulated in ASK, FSK, or other undocumented formats. At some point during each transmission a direct reference to Heyoke the wolf will be made.

The length of the transmissions vary considerably from less than a minute to several months. As soon as one broadcast ends another begins immediately typically using a different wavelength and source location in Austin. The bit rate of the binary data frequently shifts, sometimes becoming so fast as to be undecipherable or so slow that only a few bytes can be recorded each day.

We mention finally that NetherWiki is one of the new hosts for Rosewood content.

We note that at present RoseNET is mirrored from time to time but has unreliable hosting.

Another well-known artifact of Rosewater is the first season of the animated program The Adventures of Calvin and Hobbes. This hour-long cartoon program, ostensibly a take on Bill Watterson's famous comic strip, is notable for its highly complex and disturbing storyline. Calvin is presented as grade school child with behavior issues and schizophrenia, Hobbes is one of his many hallucinations. The show frequently fluctuates from surreal comedy to psychological horror as a much deeper storyline begins to emerge from the shallow premise.

The show remains popular among enthusiasts due to its bizarre nature, high quality, and complex characters. Only fragments of the first season of the series were recorded due its position as one of the earlier broadcasts.