Due to the myriad of copyright claims, many of which are inconsistent, the majority of Rosewood’s artifacts cannot be legally distributed. Various fan communities have adopted the labels of free, restricted, or non-free, to refer to the copyright status of various artifacts. Copyright claims typically one of two forms:

  1. The original recorder of a particular transmissions claims copyright over it, limiting or forbidding reproduction and modification of the artifacts within. Such is the case with The University of Texas at Austin, DJ Slinx and some amateur radio operators.

  2. While the original recorder may release the transmission under a Creative Commons license or into public domain, certain organizations may claim that an artifact is derivative of their own intellectual property and request it be taken down. This is the case with TAOCAH and Invader Zim: Season 2.

Works in the above two categories are labeled non-free, because redistribution of them is legally prohibited. Other artifacts are labeled as restricted, meaning that although redistribution of them is currently allowed distribution rights may be restricted in the future or they are not wholly distributed under a copyleft license. They may also include copyrighted material embedded within the media itself, such as Black Hole Sun (an artifact film from Rosewood, not the song by Soundgarden), whose soundtrack needs to be partially censored during certain scenes because of the lack of appropriate licensing (the song itself appears in the film during the climax). Due to the current lack of a public domain English translation, Heyoke the Wolf also falls into this category. This was the impetus for Foxmilk's current translation project.